Things Intended Parents Should Know about Surrogacy

Published By ART Baby, 13 Oct 2017

Things Intended Parents Should Know about Surrogacy

Surrogacy process consumes lots of time and research as it includes several stages. Though one can easily find several things online, sometimes you will be confused and find you stuck before starting surrogacy journey. Therefore it is very important to know about various things and important aspect that intended parent should be aware of.

Here are a few things that intended parents should know before they go to any surrogacy agencies in Georgia:

1). Types of Surrogacy available:

Various people do not know that there are types of surrogacy. It becomes very much challenging for intended parents because certain types of surrogacy are not permitted by various countries so it is very important to learn about the types and also whether are legally permitted or not. There are the four different types of surrogacy:

Ø Traditional Surrogacy: In this process surrogate mother has inseminated artificially with the sperms of intended father. There are lots of people who asked a question i.e. why do you need a surrogate mother? In traditional type of surrogacy surrogate mother play, a very crucial part of her egg is utilized as well as her womb too. She is the genetic mother of the child to whom she gives birth. In some countries, this surrogacy is not allowed while some people do not prefer this either as it takes a long period of legal work and court.

Ø Gestational surrogacy: it is a more modern approach to surrogacy and is used by most agencies today. In this type of surrogacy In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) technology allows doctors to fertilize eggs from the intended mother using sperm from the intended father. The sperm and eggs can also be donated by donors. The fertilized eggs are then transferred to the surrogate’s uterus, which means she is not biologically linked to the baby and is strictly the carrier. In most of the countries, this surrogacy is legal and mostly used.

Ø Altruistic Surrogacy: In this types surrogate do not get any compensation or amount for their womb or eggs.

Ø Independent Surrogacy. Usually, independent surrogates do not take help from any agencies or services in Georgia. This type of surrogacy is little riskier as there is no screening or medication is done.

2) Is surrogacy recommended to?

Many people assume that surrogacy needs a lot of amount and money therefore only by those who are super rich. But the truth is not this Surrogacy process can be opted by any couple with a sound background.

A single person who do not want to get married or a widow or divorced not only can they have a child of their own now. This applies to people who are affected by infertility issues or other complexities in conceiving.

3). Know about surrogate mother

Always look for women who are already mothers and exhibit a strong sense of responsibility. Surrogates physical and psychological health is screened to ensure whether they are suitable for carrying someone else’s child. A surrogate mother is a person on whom you can trust the most as she is someone who will carry your child. Always treat your surrogate with care and gently it can be the possibility that you can find that you both become a good friend.

4. Thinking about, from where to start?

This is a very normal question that comes in mind of every intended parent when they make their mind for surrogacy. Read articles, books about surrogacy and most importantly consult a specialist or doctor. For better guidance, you can also help of various surrogacy agencies in Georgia.

So after gaining all the knowledge about the surrogacy process, it is very important to make sure whether you have understood legal formalities and law related to a various process for surrogacy. Also, ensure the cost and facilities provided by various surrogacy agencies in Georgia. Always be aware of your finances and make yourself comfortable.

Surrogacy is a very important decision which can change your life completely, and every piece of information will help make you more comfortable and relaxed.

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