These CV writing tricks will get you a job

Published By Qais Ahmadi, 20 Sep 2019

These CV writing tricks will get you a job

A resume or CV is one of the best ways for a hiring manager to assess an applicant. Before an applicant even steps into the room, his/ her resume has already created an impression of what he/ she is capable of!


In a nutshell, your resume is a reflection of your skills and it is crucial that you get it right. That said, being a college student can be a bit tricky as far as CV writing is concerned. A college student resume does not have a lot of work experience but that doesn’t mean that you can not whip up a good CV.


Here are a few tricks that will help you land your dream job.


Be On the Lookout for Keywords

The first step in writing a CV is to carefully go through the job postings that interest you. Every job posting has some key words that show what the employer is looking for in a prospective employee. Make sure that when you jot down your CV, you include those keywords and build it around those specific words.


Make Sure You Are Writing a CV and Not a Novel

One of the most common errors in writing a CV is that students generally end up writing a long CV, thinking that this will impress the hiring manager. However, this is not true at all.


Hiring managers have to go through tons of CVs every day and it is not remotely possible for them to go through each and every CV thoroughly. When you are writing your CV, make sure that it is brief, straight- forward and easy to read. Add in bullet points and leave out any irrelevant information.


Always Use a Professional Font

As mentioned before, your CV is supposed to be brief and straight-forward. To make it easy to read and go through, you should use a professional font. A basic and clear font like Times Roman or Arial within a size range of 10 and 12 works perfectly. This not only gives a professional look to your CV but also improves readability.


Go Through Some Resume Samples

When you are writing a resume with no work experience college student, it can be very challenging. In order to get some idea and inspiration, it is always recommended that you go through some sample resumes. However, this does not mean that you should copy them in their entirety. Avoid using these resumes as a template.


Important and Relevant Information Should Come First

A golden rule of writing a good resume is to ensure that you add relevant and important information at the top of your CV. It should not be somewhere in between the lines where the hiring manager might miss it. Your previous work experience, if you have any, your education, skills and strengths should be higher up on your resume.


CV Writing is Not a Difficult and Daunting Task as Long As You Follow the Guidelines!