The use of In-Die Tapping and other tooling

Published By Jarviscutting Tools, 14 Dec 2017

The use of In-Die Tapping and other tooling

Stampers win a share in the market by offering the best quality products using improved technology along a smooth operational system. A company that offers stamping and tapping(Tap and die) under the same contract is working to favor their employers with low costs and increased quality at a faster rate. Welcome does not shy away from offering stamping and tapping because of costs. Their modern tapping heads with increased speed, low maintenance and enhanced design are here to change the face of the market. The tapping head engineers in their line-up can provide customer support with all the information necessary based on their own requirements.

Looking forward

Knowing the work that has to be done also plays a role on getting the clients attention.For Welcome being a step ahead of their customers is what makes them a trusted brand. An example to illustrate this: If they know you are working with form taps, you’ll need special tooling aimed at getting the best results. Forming taps has to be applied in materials that cold form well, such as steel, light metals and alloys. These materials usually create a lot of chip when they are drilled and the process helps to achieve a clean result.

The tooling offered by Welcome cover the needs of every professional working at a mechanical level or in housing maintenance. They are present in every toolbox around the country in the form of Pipe Taps. From standard Multilead Taps to Spiralock Taps that can be used to create threads or to rethread metal pipe and other fittings. These tools offer a closed seal that will not allow leaks of gas or liquids.

The quality

The versatility of their tooling is also a strong selling point. With multipurpose taps that are designed according to the intensity of the material to work with, from low hardness to dense metals. Those spiral points will leave the lesser trail of chips by pushing them ahead of the tap, into the hole. Of course there is always room for specialized, high—performance tooling such as cutting taps that are specially tailored to cut threads on materials that are hard to work on. These taps are usually made nickel or titanium and they are especially designed to keep cutting edges sharp.

The endgame

The best tooling should always be focused into offering the best productivity, while it’s hard to preform stamping and tapping at the same time, the technology is finally catching up to make possible for every working contractor out there to offer both services. For some, speed might be compromised, but quality will be increased and that is not a bad relation to work with. It’s always good to remember that with In-die tapping the work will be done with only one operator instead of going through several hands compromising the quality on the finished product.

On Welcome they’ll work to determine what it’s cost effective for their clients from the moment they begin their work through the whole process while offering the best deal for the right tooling.

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