The Recent Return to Handmade Products

Published By John Hrq, 13 Nov 2017

In recent years the preference of consumers has made a massive return to artisanal products and small businesses. Across industries, people, particularly millennials, are looking for something unique, rather than the mainstream. Whereas the Baby Boomers loved the idea that a single product could be mass produced and sold across the entire country, younger generations find value in handmade products, which are made in a limited quantity.

The effects of this return to handmade products is visible in a number of industries, but few offer a better lens than the jewelry business. When you Buy Unique Handmade Rings online or in a boutique, it creates a ripple effect that is changing the entire industry.

Emergence of Young Craftspeople
The return to handcrafted products has created a vibrant market for young, energetic artisans to enter. Today, artisans are able to find a foothold in the market; one that started to disappear with the introduction of mass production and machinery. This younger generation of craftspeople bring fresh ideas and interesting inspiration, which broaden the diversity of jewelry on the market and options available to consumers.

As well, there are different opportunities for young artisans to start a business and build a brand. The Internet and the increased importance of online shopping have created opportunities for young artisans to reach a bigger market. You can easily go online to buy unique handmade rings, whereas these products were once much harder to find, compare, and purchase.

Importance of Telling a Story
Jewelry is all about personal taste and individual style. Like clothes and other accessories, people choose jewelry that showcases their personality, but jewelry is also more intimate than other things you wear. First, you buy jewelry to last a very long time, perhaps even a lifetime. Second, you purchase jewelry to wear more often than other accessories; this is especially true when it comes to fine jewelry and important pieces like an engagement ring.

Taste in jewelry has always been selective, but with the reemergence of handmade rings, necklaces, and earrings is a return to jewelry that tells a story. Today’s consumers are looking to purchase an inspired piece of jewelry. This story behind the jewelry and the continued story it tells when worn is just as important for many people as the materials used and stones selected.

It is even more powerful if the artisan can communicate a clear story about his or her inspiration, the basis for creating a unique piece, or the relationship between craftsperson and product. These are all stories that consumers want to hear when deciding on a particular piece of jewelry.

A Return to Investment in Quality
Modern day consumers are also willing to pay more money for a handcrafted piece of jewelry. When shoppers buy unique handmade rings from an artisan, there is an expectation that the rings will cost more than a similar piece created through mass production. And consumers are willing to pay that uptick in price. There are many reasons for accepting a slight price increase for handmade products.

First, consumers understand that it takes an artisan longer to create a single ring than when it is made by a machine. Therefore, buyers want to adequately compensate an artisan for spending extra time on their craft. It is this additional time that ensures the buyer receives a beautiful product. Second, consumers assume that this intimate way of making jewelry results in higher quality. The craftsperson can closely control the process behind each and every product.

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