The most important rule of the stock market

Published By Mahendra Rajput, 21 Dec 2017

 The most important rule of the stock market

The biggest rule of stock market is that investment should be done for long term and good returns are only made in long term, this is the first rule of every successful investor. Generally the common investor is afraid before investing in the stock market. Every investor has a question before investing in a stock that there will be no fraud in investing, how to invest, or investment. Today, we are answering these questions to you, after which you can easily and carelessly invest in the stock market. See what the precautions should be taken before investing in the stock market.

1. Start with low capital Start-up : Initially invest only a name and get experience. By doing this, you can stay away from big risk. Do not spend a very big amount on the stake. Anyway, the market should avoid making big investments together and invest a part of their capital regularly.

2. Educate yourself : Prepare yourself before investing in the stock market. For this, you learn to read and understand the company's balance sheets and the results of the companies. Also, those who are not connected to this field need to know a bit more. Read Business Newspaper or Business Channel for this. After that, start looking after companies on confidence.

3. Know Companies : Keep an eye on companies before investing. If there is a weak growth rate or high inflation, keep an eye on big companies, because in such a situation, the share of large companies is in good condition compared to the small and mid-sized companies. If market conditions are a little weak then big companies should take care of it.

4. Do not go crowded : If you are investing for the first time in the stock market or you do not have much time investing, then do not invest in the same area and do not buy shares from others only. Consult the experts before investing in any company and if there is any doubt, do not invest absolutely. You can ask for the Equity Tips, Commodity Tips, Forex & MCX Tips to the registered advisories.

5. Identify the need : Identify your need before investing in the stock market i.e. determine your share profits. This means that you already have to decide whether you want to invest for a short term, mid-term or long term. Also, if you want to invest money for long periods, then invest in it accordingly. Therefore, whenever you invest, keep your investment time in mind.

6. Prepare investment strategies in stocks : Before investing in stocks, a strategy should be prepared. Prepare strategy about stock, company etc. You should already decide whether you want to take equity, FD, preference shares or any other stock. At the same time, invest only after seeing the stock market conditions.

7. Know Your Risk Profile : Whenever you invest in stocks, know about your risk profile before that. This means that you know about how much risk you can take and you will not have any problems till so many risks. Because of losses due to investing in Risk Level, your financial situation will not be affected.

8. Long-term investment is much better : If you want to invest in the stock market and do not want to get into much trouble, then long-term investment will be better for you. The longer the investment, the lesser the risk will be. Also, give priority to mutual funds for investment.

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