The Miracle of Trust

Published By Caroseo Agency, 13 Jun 2022

After years and years of learning to love and accept myself, you could say I was pretty pleased with who I was. I had my strengths and I had my challenges. The strengths were of course a lot of fun to experience, but whenever I would catch myself acting out against the latter I'd usually laugh it off and let my awareness temper my responses. There was no need to be miserable because I had a few chinks to resolve- in some way or the other I was after all a work in progress.


Yet come the first sign of poor health and my gorgeous house of cards usually came crashing down. Whenever I got unwell, I was no longer the patient and self-assured person I knew myself to be; instead I got so cranky and grumpy I could give the Grinch a run for his money! No matter how much I seemingly loved myself, when I was unwell nothing about me or my life seemed right. All because in this moment I felt totally and utterly helpless; all because the working of my body was out of my control.


Sickness wasn't the only time my body unraveled the illusions my mind un curso de milagros  to live in. There was the weight, my appearance and my body's natural cycles- all of which refused to obey my commands. For years thus I continued to struggle with how I felt, looked and related to my body- in sickness and in health; for years that is until Jessie entered my life.


No Jessie wasn't my fitness instructor or a life coach; she was my pet cat. And she taught me a lesson that changed the way my body and I worked together.


No Jessie did not supernaturally start lecturing me about my body, or draw out a sacred routine that cats have been holding on to millennium.She was just busy being herself- a normal house cat. But having observed her for hours without end (thanks to my stay at home job) I learnt a different way of relating to our own body- a relationship based on trust and mutual harmony.


Unlike me, and my contemporaries, here was a being that wasn't interested in demanding or fighting with her own body. In fact she spent an enormous amount of time grooming and caring for it. And when she did fall sick, she didn't huff and puff like I tended to; instead she was patient and tender with herself as she steadily stepped forth to full recovery. She ate only when she was hungry, and only as much as her body needed- I never saw her turned over waiting for the tension in her overfed tummy to subside. Neither did I ever see her doubt herself when making those incredible leaps from cupboard to floor and table to bed. Jessie and her body existed as one- all because she trusted its whispering s instead of constantly questioning them.


I realize than I am human and she is cat, but the lesson and its inherent dynamic is independent of form, color or species really. Learning to trust our body is the key to learning to empower ourselves with it. Instead of treating our body as a disposable machine at the whims and commands of our mind and ego, we need to recognize it as a precious extension of it. With Jessie in my life, I began being more patient with myself when I fell sick; instead of gobbling as many pills as possible to speed up the process, I actually gave my body a shot and let it do its thing. After all the fact that I had a fever was because my body was busy fighting back!


But the effects and changes didn't end there. I actually became more trusting, aware and attentive to my body even when not bed ridden. If I felt myself tiring out I took rest instead of complaining; if I craved a food group I integrated it into my food instead of fretting over weight gain. Learning to listen to and trust my body's directives, I created an environment conducive to it and its health and well-being.


And finally, the pounds began to melt off, my skin began to glow with a pinkish hue, and the number of sick days needed began to drop down drastically. Years of eating right and working out could not deliver what a few months of trusting my body did, and the rewards continue to roll in even today.