The MacBook Air – A Revolution in Laptops

Published By Hamee India, 16 Nov 2017

The MacBook Air – A Revolution in Laptops

The MacBook Air – A Revolution in Laptops

Once considered a luxury, the MacBook Air has now taken the market by storm. With offers and discounts going on all year round, people are opting for this power packed device as their next laptop. Apple has taken the market by storm and has left no stone unturned in terms of technology and appearance. The sleek features and brilliant configuration of the MacBook Air make it a sought after device. It has a 12 hour battery backup and also gives up to 30 days of standby time. And all that power is encased in an incredibly thin 1.7-centimetre unibody design that weighs only 1.35 kilos.

The device also works great with all kinds of software. It’s fast and handles applications like Adobe Photoshop with ease. Its competitive pricing has made it very popular with its users increasing day by day. Now who wouldn’t want to own an Apple product with such good features?

An Air of Your Own

Owning a MacBook Air also comes with responsibilities! Protecting it from dust and spills, dents and scratches, and other kinds of damage is a must. The market is flooded with brands and retailers who cater to the need of MacBook users. From cases to covers, dust plugs to screen guards, and chargers to cables – you’ll find plenty of these online. One such brand which has made its mark in the accessories market is Hamee India. Providing accessory solutions to those in need is what the brand strongly believes in. A quick glance through their website shows us an array of products that blend functionality along with style.

A sturdy MacBook Air Cover is a good investment for a MacBook Air user. Hamee has a fabulous collection with a hundreds of designs to suit each taste. Quirky quotes, cute animals, dainty mandalas – it’s all there. Their MacBook Shell Cases are available in three amazing colours – black, maroon, and crystal clear. Opt for a print that goes with your style or pick a plain cover if you want sophisticated elegance.

Hamee also happens to specialize in sleek MacBook Cases. Each MacBook Cover Case of theirs is embossed with the brand name and is good to carry solo or can easily slip inside your bag. Adorned with the unique graphics these MacBook Cases are a treat to the eye. You can also get your cover customized with your name, initials, or a tiny message. Keep one for yourself or gift it to a loved one.

The Final Verdict

With so many features and accessory choices it’s hard to say no to the MacBook Air. We’ve also now told you where you can get a MacBook Bag in India. If you’re planning to invest in one then don’t forget to check out Hamee India for a wide range of accessories to go with your device. And for those of you who already own it….well just check out their website and you’ll know why they are the leaders in this segment!