The Incredible Advantages of Acrylic Shower Bases Homeowners Must Know

Published By John Hrq, 21 Sep 2017

The Incredible Advantages of Acrylic Shower Bases Homeowners Must Know

When you have decided to replace your outdated bathtub and install a shower in its place you are truly headed to make your bathroom a trendy one in line with most households. When you install a shower, the first thing to contemplate on is the shower base which will serve as the foundation for the shower enclosure. Therefore it is very crucial to make the right choice. While there are quite a few options with regard to a shower base, here we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic shower bases.

Why is it important to choose the right shower base?
A base that can crack or leak you might need to replace it altogether. Therefore you are going to spend a huge amount on it once again to prevent any damage to the floor base below. None can claim that a particular type of shower base is better than the others. Each of the types has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, considering the popular choice among the majority of households, acrylic showers appear to be on top of the list. Here are the pros and cons of installing acrylic shower bases.

Acrylic shower bases Pros
• Need lesser maintenance
When you need to clean the shower base, you can just wipe the whole unit with soap and water. Over and above, they do not have any joints to deal with. While tiles and mud pans are porous, acrylic shower bases are made of non-porous material. Therefore they come readily waterproofed and you do not have to worry about waterproofing them.

• More comfortable and warmer
Acrylic is always warmer to touch. Therefore your feet will not have to be bothered about the cold touch that results when you enter the shower. Some models come with an integrated bench seat. Usually one of the big challenges that the owners face with tile showers is ensuring that the corner seat is installed well. Acrylic bases rule out this worry since the seat can come as part of the unit.

• Cost effective and easy to install
Acrylic shower bases are highly cost effective and are also easy to install. When compared to the other options including tile, marble or solid surface shower bases, you will find acrylic showers more economical. Since they are manufactured in huge quantities, they can be priced lesser than the solid surface units and custom tile showers. They can be easily set on top of mortar for stability and they are much lighter than the solid or marble surface pans. Therefore maneuvering them around a small bathroom is very easy.

Acrylic shower bases Cons
 You can’t create custom sizes of acrylic showers since they come readymade in standard sizes. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of acrylic shower bases. Also, you cannot alter their drain locations. Therefore if there is a need, you will have to move the existing plumbing line.

 Acrylic shower bases are more expensive than the fiberglass bases. Most people do not tend to associate acrylic shower bases with high end bathroom finishes. Therefore if you are looking forward to meeting the style definitions of our times, you might not find them the best option.

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