The Hair Transplant Turkey Is Providing New Life To People

Published By Fue Hlc, 9 Dec 2017

The Hair Transplant Turkey Is Providing New Life To People

There can be a number of reasons for a person’s hair loss. The reason could be anything– a disease, stress, thinning scalp or reaction to some medicine. Some men experience a level of hair loss till the age of 50 and it is considered normal. There are some people who experience hair fall prematurely. The hair transplants in Turkey have helped many men to get freedom from premature hair fall.

The people of Turkey and nearby regions are lucky that they have the best and latest hair transplant technology available. Yes, the hair in this part of the world are implanted with FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technology. With this technology, the hairs are implanted so finely that your scalp will not have any kind of distinctive scars. The hair transplantation process is usually carried out by FUE method in most parts of Turkey,

but there is also method named FUT available. It depends upon the clients’ condition which method they should undergo. In FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), hairs are harvested on a strip of skin and they are further transplanted to the patient’s balding region in the group of one to four hairs. Your expert surgeon will examine your condition and help you decide the right transplantation treatment.

Here some of the hair transplantation services offered in the Turkey region are outlined. The persons looking for hair transplant Turkey, hair transplant Istanbul, hair transplant Ankara, or any other nearby region should know about these services.

FUT Hair Transplant: This is a very innovative and effective technique which gives the most powerful and permanent hairs with minimum scarring.

FUE Hair Transplant:This is amongst the most sought-after hair transplant process and the quality of FUE procedure depends upon the skills and training of the surgeon performing it.

Combined FUT+FUE Hair Transplant: This combination has the potential to provide most number of donor hairs at once.

Unshaven Hair Transplant: There are always some people who wants to socialize as early as possible. So, for them unshaven FUE and FUT options are available.

Long Hair Transplant: The FUT method gives people with long hair the option to get rid of drafts from donor area.

Women’s Hair Transplant: The women who suffer from hair loss without any underlying medical condition can now easilyget hair restored from surgery.

Afro-Hair Transplants: It is specially a challenging job to solve the issues of persons with afro-hair transplants. Actually, it is the nature and technicality of these hair which make them a challenge.

Body Hair Transplant: Another common transplantation process in Turkey is body hair transplant. In this type of transplant, body hair can be a source amongst persons who have a limited donor availability at scalp.

Eyebrow Transplant: The eyebrows are a vital part of face and when eyebrow hairs are lost, only natural hair can provide that natural look. In many parts of the world, people use to cover the fault with tattoos but they do not get the natural looks.

Beard Transplant: After hair transplantion on scalp, it is the most preferred transplant service. People undergo beard transplantation to remove the scars or patches on their face. Some even increase the density of their beard with beard transplantation.

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A more recent development in Hair Transplant Ankara is the use of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to camouflage a widened donor scar, provided FUE Hairline Clinic.