The Different Type of Tentage in Singapore

Published By Jose K Rivera, 12 Dec 2017

The Different Type of Tentage in Singapore

In most of the events, the highly important thing for anyone is to have the best place as well as venue. Sadly however, these venues are scarce in Singapore. Besides, most event managers dread finding the best location for such an event.

Tentage is a collapsible shelter that is constructed of fabric like  nylon as well as Canvas in Singapore, that is stretched as well as sustained by poles. It is used for camping outdoors and also as a temporary shelter.

Tentages are also known as Marquees as well as canopies in some other countries. They are basically used in Singapore in Pasar Malams and also known as night markets. Most people think that Tentages are expensive and also very uncomfortable as well as stuffy to be in. People can customize their tentages according to your preference and requirement. For example, if people want the addition of air con, Fans, air coolers, chairs as well as tables, the list goes on forever! What people can normally see in an event, they can include it too in a tentage.

Tentage in Singapore is manufactured by strong steel poles that are erected as well as a waterproof material that is basically used to cover the sides. Besides, extra ropes will be tied to the surrounding poles in order to ensure that the structure is secure. These tentages can also be fitted with different types of equipment like portable lights as well as fans that requires power supply from a nearby genset which makes a Tentage so convenient as well as versatile.

In most the places in Singapore, in order to erect a Tentage people would need to get a permit from the respective GRC and other related authorities, failure to do so could result in a fine as well as removal of the tentage. There are four basic types of tentages discussed, the gazebo, single-sloping, the classic and the air con.

Different types of tentages are:


The single-sloping tentage has a sloping roof that allows rainfall to fall on the opposite side.


A classical tentage is large as well as spacious tentage that does not have any doors.


The gazebo tentage is the pavilion-type tentage that has a free standing as well as is relatively smaller than the classical tentage. These types of tentages are often suitable for small events as they require booths.

Air Con

The air con tentage is as similar as the ordinary tentages that can easily accommodate air conditioning. Air con tentages are spacious and can be easily sized according to the specific occasion.

Tentages are available in diverse shapes and sizes that can be tweaked in tandem with your preference. In today’s market, there are different types of tentages such as Classic Tentages, Gazebo Tentages, Air con Tentages, Transparent Tentages and Single Sloping tentages. The name of these tentages is different due to their design as well as shape.

Tentages are very easy to set up as well as dismantle and this is why it is so popular amongst temporary Hawkers as well as shop owners. In addition to this, the tentages are not that much expensive to rent as compare to large venues like Suntec convention hall as well as the newly built Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall. Besides, the rental for tentages is only a fraction as compare to the two above.