Technologies Used In Lasik Eye Surgery, Phoenix

Published By Arizona Lasik, 29 Sep 2017

Technologies Used In Lasik Eye Surgery, Phoenix
Lasik is a revolutionary technology that has changed the lives of many people by making them spectacles free. It gives them the freedom to look at this world without any spectacles or contact lenses with a clear and crisp vision. Through this technique, the doctors perform a surgery to reshape the cornea into its original shape after which when the light fall on the light is directly focused on the retina.

A number of techniques and procedures are available in Lasik Eye surgery. Let’s take a look the services available in Lasik eye surgery hospitals in Phoenix.

IntraLace surgery: The IntraLace surgery is 100% bladeless surgery that leads to speedy recovery and better vision. It can create a customary flap no matter what is the shape and size of the eye.

CustomVue VISX STAR S4IR: Lasik in Phoenix uses CustomVue along with 3D Eye Tracking, Iris registration and True Front technology. It gives the patients great eye correction results.

Kamra Inlay: Through this treatment, patients can get their farsightedness easily. It enables the patients to get rid of their farsightedness glasses. The patients can read, write and look closely at things. The procedure is completely blade free and hardly takes 20 minutes.

Naval Style Lasik: The Lasik done at Phoenix, Arizona is same as used in the Air Force and Navy to treat the eyes of naval aviators, pilots, and astronauts.

There is a series of steps that is followed by the Lasik eye doctors.

1) Free of charge initial consultation and eye screening

2) Dilated Eye exam and certain pre-operative tests

3) Lasik Eye Surgery on the scheduled date with the advanced VISX Star S4 IR laser technology

4) Follow up by the doctors for 1 year

5) Any further enhancements required are taken care of for 1 year.

Apart from Lasik, there are other treatments also available that help the phoenix patients to restore their vision. There are cases when a patient cannot undergo a Lasik surgery. In that case the following treatment can help in the correction of vision.

ICL: ICL, Implantable Corrective Lens, is surgically implanted between the iris and the real lens of the eye. A Visian Lens that is made with a material called collamer is best for the eyes because of its biocompatible and provides lifelong comfort to the eyes. People having irregular or thin corneas, extreme refractory error and extreme dry eyes can opt for this option.

Surface treatment: This treatment is suitable for patients who are exposed to severe facial injuries like professional boxers. People with irregular and thin cornea and a medical history of radial keratotomy.

Lasik Eye surgery Phoenix uses quite advanced technologies to treat the eyes of people. The patient needs to discuss his/her whole medical history clearly to get the best suited treatment for him/her.

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