Techniques used for Infertility Treatment in India

Published By ART Baby, 25 Sep 2017

Techniques used for Infertility Treatment in India

Today we can find various women in India who are infertile and are looking for infertility treatment in India. Every woman wants to be a mother but due to infertility face lots of issues and complications. Infertility means when a woman does not get pregnant even after attempting to conceive for around 6 to 12 month. We can find approx 15% percent couples in India suffering due to infertility. As now our medical treatment and facilities in India are quite advanced, the couple suffering from infertility issue gets a proper guidance and infertility treatment in India by various healthcare providers. They are various methods like surrogacy, egg donors in India used for treating infertility. Surrogate mother cost in India varies accordingly as per the lifestyle and regions too but is considered quite affordable in India.

Prior to taking any medication, it is always preferred to speak up with your doctor or physician who can guide for the same and also give a whole knowledge about treatment with complications involved in it.

  • Intake of fertility drugs: Fertility drug is used to control ovulation. As every medicines or drug can have its side effects to always a proper guidance is required before concluding for anything.

  • IVF treatment in India is another option to treat infertility. India becomes quite advanced in terms of medical facilities, treatment and we always had a great professional doctor. Another technique used to overcome infertility issue is IVF or vitro fertilization through artificial insemination. Its success rate is in India is quite high and one can find the best treatment in India under high surveillance of professional doctors and experts having years of experience. Though people consider process little expensive in India you can get the treatment at quite a low amount compared to other countries.

  • Another process is surrogacy and in India, it is completely legal too. The main factor if this process to get a good and reliable surrogate, a woman who carries the child of another woman in her womb. The success rate of this process has increased in India as in advanced diagnosis is done by a doctor to find out whether surrogate is perfectly fit or not. Surrogate mother cost in India is quite less as compared to other countries.

  • Egg donation: Another infertility treatment in India suggested by doctors is egg donation. In this process, egg donor donates her eggs to let another women conceive. The donor should of age 20 to 32 years who are treated and examined prior to check whether they are medically fit to become a donor.

  • Acupuncture: This treatment is a very old method and uses by people for long period and still people have a huge belief in these methods. This treatment is performed under doctor and experts of acupuncture techniques by inserting a needle in some parts of body or pressure points like ears, legs, wrists, feet, and back. Apart from infertility problem this technique also solves problem like asthma, migraine, allergy, etc.

  • Herbs: Herb technique is also known as the best treatment for infertility as we know there are various herbs that help to recover your body. There no treatment or process for herbs only you have to do is to use various herbs to overcome your infertility.

  • Aromatherapy treatment: one of the oldest methods to deal with infertility. In this method, various oils are used for massaging the body. Oils observed into tissues of the cell which come in contact with body's bloodstream and will increase the chances to regain fertility. This is considered most effective technique and infertility treatment in India.

  • Homeopathic Treatment it is another way to regain infertility. It is considered the natural method similar to herbs treatment. A proper homeopathic mediation is required to recover infertility. This method takes little time but gives amazing results at the end without any complications.

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