Staying Up to Date through Your Vape Wholesale Distributor

Published By Ben Oesterling, 11 Dec 2017

For any retailer an integral part of the business is an established relationship with a wholesale distributor. This is true across industries, but it can be particularly true in an industry that is newer and innovative, such as vaping. In this instance, being able to provide your customers with the latest devices and accessories is essential to staying in business, and if your vape wholesale distributor is behind the eight ball, you will be too.

An Updated Way to Provide Wholesale
Most vape wholesale distributors have a single focus for their business, to move products from their shelves to yours. At Kingdom Vapor we do want to keep your retail store fully stocked with the latest e-liquids and vaping accessories, but we want to do so mindfully and strategically. We have found that gathering information on the latest trends, shipping processes, and eCommerce options, we can be a more valuable part of your business.

Recently, Kingdom Vapor has taken three important steps to continue providing wholesale vaping products in the best way possible. First, we have stayed updated on the latest in e-liquid, including seeing 60mL and 100mL bottles of e-liquid in various flavors and nicotine levels. Second, carefully expanding our selection of vaping accessories to give you and your customers more options, without saturating the market. Third and last, we are accepting more forms of payment for any size order, including Behalf Financing.

Legal Updates for Better Business
The laws and regulations around vaping are quickly changing. While researching and understanding these ever-changing laws may not seem like a responsibility for your vape wholesale distributor, it should be. Certain federal laws will dictate what can and cannot be on your retail shelves or sold to customers. These laws affect nearly everything, from what nicotine levels you can sell to how these products are packaged. If your vape wholesale distributor is selling your products illegal under federal law, you may be heavily fined or forced out of business as a result.

Kingdom Vapor proudly calls the State of Pennsylvania home to its vape wholesale distributor warehouse, and here at home we carefully monitor any changes to federal, state, and local laws. However, we recognize that our retail customers are coming from states across the country, and may be operating under different legal requirements. Therefore, we spend time tracking any changes to the laws of every state.

This means the products we recommend and the products you ultimately stock on your shelves will be compliant with your local laws. As well, Kingdom Vapor does its best to disseminate legal updates to its customers. We want to share this information and hope that it is of use to you in other aspects of your business.

How Our Commitments Benefit You
At Kingdom Vapor the time and effort we spend researching new products and staying compliant with the latest legal requirements is worthwhile as we pass the benefits onto our retail customers. As your premier vape wholesale distributor, we spend countless hours researching the newest industry trends and federal regulations, so you do not. That frees up considerable time to focus on other essential aspects of your business, time that can be utilized more effectively.

Kingdom Vapor takes its responsibilities to provide customers the best products, in the best way very seriously. Visit our website to learn more about our products and our commitment to customers.

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