Stand Out In a Crowd With Effective Video Wall Displays

Published By Tony Stark, 18 Nov 2017

If recently you attended a conference or trade show, it is possible you saw sellers using a video wall to show services and products. This highly effective method of presenting your product or service is very famous as it reaches out to the people capturing their consideration, usually superior to the sales person behind the table. The weight and price of high-definition displays and LCDs is trending lower and once merged with Seamless bezel design hardware it makes this an outstanding solution for a lot different venue.

We can say that, this kind of marketing was exclusively used in trade shows and exhibitions. On the other hand, with the stable drop in the price of video walls and high-definition television, began showing up in places outer of the exhibit floor together with in business office lobbies, at the hotel, airport and retail malls. Plasma screens or LCD are planned as multiple or a single configurations of video wall panel. The more famous and effective formats are available in 2x2 displays, 3x2 displays, 3x3 displays and 4x4 displays. The required area to set up Premium video wall displays depends on the display size.

In the past, hardware of video wall was enough bulky, but at the present time Video wall thinner bezel displays are extremely lightweight, simple to mount on a wall and reasonable. Also, the screens give much higher resolution evaluated to predecessors.


You may surprise how all these panels of television are managed efficiently. It is done using a perfect and organized management system. It is a user-friendly yet sophisticated appliance that is arranged in a cabinet or an office generally situated a far from the screen’s panel. Our expert technician configures the screen panels to display different types of images on the different screen panels or leave one image on different screens with brightness uniformity and color accuracy. This offers a perfect presentation that is simply changed to match the message or audience.

Our highly-effective hardware of video wall is housed in a solid device prepared to match into standard business grade computer racks or cabinets. Generally, our effective management system is arranged away from the panel permitting a technician to tenuously configure the images and settings. The Eflyn factory calibration and software for video wall is planned to be enough simple and doesn’t need highly advanced training. Technical experts understand how to configure and set up these types of systems in just a single session.

The advantages of these kinds of visual and effective marketing tools are easily available to any type of business and not partial to those with high marketing and technology budgets. They can be organized to allow communication with the casual observer or programmed to stream images or video 24 hours a day. Naturally, there are many people that are attracted to the highly advanced display making video walls a perfect system to deliver a highly effective and maintained message to the viewer.