Stan Cottrell: Contribution For Orphans

Published By Stan Cottrell, 8 May 2019

Stan Cottrell: Contribution For Orphans
Stan Cottrell is a world distance runner, who ran across multiple nations. He set the unbreakable running record in Guinness World Record. His God gifted unique running caliber and humble nature brought hope to thousands of people. Cottrell always focuses on uniting people coming from different parts of the world. The Goodwill ambassador did a lot of welfare work for the orphans. According to him, the real human being is the one, who respects others and acts as a support system, when someone calls for help.
Because of the great contribution to social works, Stan has been appreciated by several political leaders. He has been honored by the political leaders and kings of different countries. The ultra-distance runner has been even invited on the television and radio shows. Throughout life, Stan did several things for the well-being of the people. He has got unique titles. People recognize him as an ultra-distance runner, motivational speaker, cross-cultural specialist, and an adventurer. Dedication towards humanity is the greatest asset of Stan Cottrell that makes him popular.

Stan Cottrell
made a lot for efforts to support the orphans. He convinced people to help the orphans present all across the world. During the Ethiopia visit, Stan got in touch with a huge number of orphans. His motive is to facilitate shelter, medical care, education and food items for the poor population. For the sake of orphans, the Kentucky son talk to the president of Ethiopia. In this conversation with the president, he discussed everything that can help the Ethiopian orphans in resolving the survival issues. Stan even talked about creating awareness associated with agricultural advances.
Stan told the Ethiopian president that it is important to involve in the lives of orphans. According to Cottrell, if one will pour positive ingredients into these orphans then, they pour positive things back into society. Cottrell thinks that orphans are the future.
Cottrell visited Ethiopia to eradicate the major problems like sex slavery, human trafficking traps, and other crime associated problems. He wanted to make the orphans of Ethiopia powerful and strong from inside. Through the hard work, Stan tried to bring sunshine in the life of orphans.
The Goodwill ambassador ran several races to improve the living of orphans all around the world. Being a humble person, Stan Cottrell aims to provide a quality life to the orphans and the children located all across the world. Through his motivational speeches, he tries to address the situation of orphans and provide help to them.


Stan Cottrell earned respect in life for his great doings. The man is a great achiever and took part in several races. He has the dynamic personality which inspires, motivates, and encouraged people of all age to do phenomenal works and become the hope for others. The Kentucky son is not a normal human being as he wrote two books and nine movies that are unique in themselves. All Friendship Runs of Cottrell and visits around 38 + different countries shows his potential. He made amazing friends with people. It doesn’t matter if somebody is coming from a strong background or belong to a poor village, Stan treated everyone in the same way.