Should Struggling Students Repeat a Grade?

Published By Adam Anderson, 30 Dec 2017

Many Educational institutions around the globe provide a chance for struggling students to improve their grades by repeating a year. Repetition of course can serve to be beneficial to a certain extent as it can help in clearing difficult concepts and studies.  It has been useful if done in early years of education like in first or second grades. Many researches have been conducted to study the importance of repetition of grades and it was seen that students who were asked to repeat the year showed little improvement in their reading skills, math, arts, science and English language. Instead they were totally devastated both physically and emotionally as compared to students who did not repeat the year.


The struggling students who have to face repetition of grades are:

·         Students who have undergone a family loss leading to emotional stress and absence from school.

·         Students who have undergone a major illness or surgery resulting in their academic failure.

·         Students who are psychologically or emotionally unstable. Those with abnormal behaviour with other students of classroom.

·         Students who are slow and have difficulty in understanding major concepts and theories.

·         Students who have attention deficit and need time to focus on education.


Such students might benefit from repetition of grade but there is always a risk of them to develop the feeling of incompetency and incapability as compared to other students.


Here are few reasons why struggling students should not repeat a grade:

1.      Repetition produces only a Short Term Improvement:

According to research the students who were repeating their grade showed academic improvement but within few years as they advanced into new class with new challenges they started to struggle again. Therefore it is important to resolve their issue individually by providing extra time, attention and extra classes to such struggling students which will help in providing a long term benefit to them.


2.      Repetition produces a Long Term Disadvantage:

In lower grades repetition might not produce any negative emotional impact on the struggling students. But with the passage time when these students reach high school there age difference with other students of the classroom become a major issue, which causes a negative impact on their minds thus resulting in frustrations, dislike for education, friends and family. Some students even quit their education at this stage of their life.


3.      Repetition makes them socially unacceptable:

For some struggling students repetition of grade is end of the world and they feel emotionally ruined. This shatters their remaining confidence and makes them feel incompetent as compared to other students at school. Under such immense emotional stress there is no chance for improvement instead it may lead to total devastation of their academic career.


4.      Most School does Unfair Repetition:

Repetition of grade should be kept as a last option for any student. Instead the teacher should help the struggling students individually by trying to understand their problem and clearing their concepts. If this all does not work and student is undergoing a constant failure then he can be given the option for repetition but despite of this fact many schools perform unfair repetition they ask students from lower socio economic status or African-Asian background, or those student who can improve by providing a little extra attention are negated and forced to perform repetition. In this case it is parent’s responsibility to deny the proposal, talk to administration, teachers and principal, understand why such a decision is being made against their child and then take a wise decision which will help their child build a better future.

As a parent it is your prime responsibility to know what your child is doing and how he is performing at school. It is important to understand the negative impact which can be produced on the little mind of your child if you accept a repetition of year for them. Instead you should take interest in their activities and help them with their homework and class presentation. The repetition can be avoided by cooperating with teacher from the start of semester and asking them to give you all details about your child. Working as a team and focusing on your child will prevent them from going through the trauma of repetition of grade.

Repetition is a symbol of failure in most parts of the world. It produces a negative impact on the mind of students who are struggling instead it is better to provide them with some flexible techniques to help them improve their grades and grow up in a healthy environment.


Author Bio: This article is written by Jane Arnold, she is a famous article writer at write my paper. She completed her Bachelor in science from University of Colorado, USA.