Shop for your Best Quality Mats online with Brandmat

Published By Alec Adriel, 7 Dec 2017

Shop for your Best Quality Mats online with Brandmat

Floor mats are commonly used for giving the floor the maximum protection from dust, dirt, mud and other different debris. These mats soak the water from the floor and thus they prevent the floor from getting slippery. So they are non-skidding. They also protect your floor from rust. They are also be used to decorate your house and give a unique style and personalized look.

Not only the Custom logo mats but also the ready-made mats are also made up of different materials. They are made by cutting the material according to the standard size or size mentioned by you. After that you design and color it according to the designer or according to your choice.

You can enhance the design and its unique look with patterns, ribbing, embroidery or any other material.

Usually the wear and tear of the mats starts from the edges. So nowadays the edges are made of some special type of binding or rubber which helps to keep the edges in good condition. They don't wear out easily in the high traffic areas. These types of mats are generally used as welcome mats. Welcome mats also come with logos when they are called entrance mats with logo, are made up of rubber which increases its durability. Thus keeping in mind the posh areas, these mats are manufactured with a better quality material so that they don’t get damaged easily. Floor mats not only protect your floor but also serve different other purposes.

The floor mats are two types: rubber and carpet. The basic work of the mats is same. They protect your floor and can be used for other purposes also. Carpet floor mats are of different colors and designs and are more stylish. Some are so comfortable that you can sit or sleep there for relaxation. Thus these mats serve different other purposes except the floor protection. 
Whether in style or color the range of the rubber mats is less. But they are more durable than the carpet mats and they are also weather resistant i.e. they work well in extreme climate.

Customized floor mats are made to exactly fit the size you want. They are mainly order based. Customized Floor mats with Logos give more uniqueness to your office. The guest or the visitors will really get impressed with such mats. Generally walk off mats are designed with logos, which have quotes on them to follow the instructions for precautions before stepping in. Not only in office you can have special greeting or your name written on the mat and can place them in your house. The customized mats are very effective in unusual places. The basic advantage is you can choose the color design and the even the material of the mat in case of the customized mats.

The non customized mats have standard specifications. They may not get fitted exactly to your unusual locations. Both the customized and non customized mats are available in the market and you can even shop them through online with . You can also have the carpet mats and rubber mats in both custom and non custom styles.

We are dealing with commercial mats in South Africa with a variety of best quality mats for different purposes like kitchen, office, near water cooler, welcome door mats, modular mats etc.

You can use the carpet mats for picnic or in other outdoor activities. So they are integral part while traveling. Sometimes we use blankets or other ground covering while in picnic. But they are heavy and are not portable for carrying. So floor mats can be a good solution for your seating needs while you are in picnic or traveling as they will provide you seat that will not get folded or crumble.