Scribble with Style

Published By Hamee India, 2 Dec 2017

Scribble with Style

Scribble with Style

In today’s hectic world it often becomes difficult to keep a mental track of things. We have so much to remember – to do lists at work, shopping lists for the weekend, a track of birthdays and special events, and even important numbers and contacts. It becomes quite possible to forget such things if we do not write them down. The market is flooded with notebooks and planners but there is one brand which stands out from the rest – Hamee India. This brand is known for its amazing designs and wide variety of stationery items. Their notebooks and planners are their best sellers and are available on their website.

A Peek into the World of Hamee

Hamee India strives to provide its customers only the best and always focuses on their needs. The brands notebooks are available in a wide variety of colours and styles. You can opt for an A6 hardback notebook for days when you’re on the go. These miniature notebooks can slip easily into your pocket or handbag and can be taken out as and when required.

The A5 composition notebook range is a treat to the eye and must be checked out by those who love hoarding stationery! Hamee has some brilliant colours to choose from. You can opt for a jazzy yellow or vibrant purple shade to liven up your days at work or college. A tan brown notebook gives a feeling of sophistication and is your best bet when you want to keep things subtle. But when all else fails, then black is the way to go! Opt for a fancy print on your notebook or pick out a plain one if that’s what you please. Each print is permanently embedded and will not peel off ever. Hamee India also provides the option of customization and many customers get their names printed on the covers of the notebooks for a personal touch. These notebooks also make great gifts.

The Kindle Revolution

The kindle has taken over the nation and each day so many people switch over from reading books to reading e-books. Although books have their own charm but still who wants to be left behind in terms of day to day technology. The kindle is a best friend for those who love reading but can’t always carry books around with them. This little device is easy to carry and store and it serves as treasure trove of books due to its large storage capacity. Most often people forget that such gadgets also need to be taken care of just like books do! That’s why Hamee India has a collection of kindle fire cases and covers to protect your precious device.

Take a pick from their preppy collection and protect your device with the best kindle fire keyboard case in town. Each case is made from high quality PU leather and has a smooth finish. The cases are lined with soft felt fabric to ensure that the kindle does not get scratched while placed in them. They also have a magnetic closure so that your device does not slip out of the case. The collection consists of black and brown cases which look very sleek and smart. You can also check out their rotating cases for kindle. These cases have a flip covers which makes it easier to use the kindle as you do not have to take it completely out of the case. You can use it while it is still in the protection of the case. The back panel of the case has a full rotating mechanism which helps you to rotate and adjust the screen as per your convenience ad comfort.

So go ahead and find that perfect case that you were always looking for.