Replica Watch Reviews and short purchasing guide

Published By Time Swiss Time, 27 Oct 2017

Replica Watch Reviews and short purchasing guide

Ah, those Rolexes. Everybody covets them, but few can shell put the exorbitant asking price. For those who are enthusiastic about owning such a watch but cannot shell out such a price, there are replica watches. These watches are designed to be identical in appearance to the genuine branded watches.

Quality of replica watches

Note the word ‘designed’. However, the actual replica watch depends on who made it and how. Hence there is a huge variation of replica watches. You will be able to find $20-30 watches on eBay or Ali express, but they are unlikely to do you any good. These cheap watches use cheap materials, cheap finishing, no toughened glass for the face and even mechanical movement replaced by quartz one. Basically, you are likely to receive a watch that does not look quite close to the original as you would like. If the mechanical motion is replaced with a quartz one, then it is a dead giveaway at just one glance. The poor finishing may also adversely affect comfort levels. Also, it will show wear and tear signs with a few months, which will give it away. Hence, you will be spending money on a pretty unconvincing replica watch, which is not necessarily what most people want.

Where to find replica watches

Many people with interest in replicas as well as various sellers congregate on such blogs. You will need to create an account and join the forum, as with any other. You will find many sellers offering their goods, many are based in China. They have direct contact with or have their own manufacturing facilities. Check for sellers with good reputations and your desired brand on offer. You can also check out various threads for replica watch reviews where past buyers closely scrutinize their purchases. Many reviewers are quite elaborate in their reviews, with disassembly and macro images accompanied with long and descriptive textual review content. Such reviews will help you determine if the quality of the watch offered is acceptable for you. You will find many sellers offering good quality replicas with tough glass, mechanical movements, great dials and quality bands. If you opt to purchase these higher quality watches from the forum sellers, you will likely be required to communicate with forum personal messages or email. Payments are usually made by Western Union or Bitcoin, especially for overseas payment, and then the seller ships the item by the preferred method for buyer. Communication with different time zone and international shipping can increase the time significantly, so this is not likely going to be your last minute birthday present.

Reliable source for best one

Another method is to use websites like where credit cards are accepted. Timeswisstime also accepts Bitcoin, Western Union and direct wire transfer. It is usually a good idea to check the forum for the reputation of such sites. The ordering process is carried out by contacting the seller via email on this site as well. These means of buying a replica watch will ensure that you get one with a good brand, finishing and timekeeping.

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