Reasons to Choose LED Warning Lights

Published By Justin Tomney, 9 Nov 2017

One of the most easily overlooked contributors to roadway safety is warning lights. They are such a staple of work sites, emergency vehicles, and towing vehicles that it can be easy to forget the danger that is posed by improperly lit vehicles. Vehicles whose lights are poorly maintained can end up posing a major risk to other motorists, especially if that vehicle is a larger-than-average vehicle or an emergency vehicle. Vehicles that are behaving differently than the average motorist need to be able to communicate with other drivers on the road and the way to do that best are with Led Warning Lights. Why should you choose LED? Keep reading to find out.
1. LED Lights Outlive Their Competitors
There are a lot of reasons that LED warning lights are becoming the mainstay of emergency and utility vehicles of the modern day; foremost of these reasons, though, is the sheer improvement of bulb lifespan that LED bulbs have made over other types of bulbs, like fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs do not utilize filaments or gasses like incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, meaning they are far less likely to fail, burn out, or break. LED bulbs can live more than three times as long as other types of bulbs, all because they represent the cutting edge of lighting technology.

Choosing LED warning lights means less maintenance and less chance of failure when you need it most.
2. LED Lights Are Easier to Fix
One of the greatest benefits of LED lights is the ease and cost effectiveness of repair when things do go wrong. No device is perfect, but the design of LED warning lights contributes to simple repairs and marginal inconvenience even when the bulbs do fail. LED lights are constructed in arrays of miniature bulbs, all of which have lives much longer than those of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Even if a single bulb does go out, LED lights will continue to function very well until you are able to implement a fix. Fixes on LED lights generally involves a simple replacement of a tiny, self-contained bulb.
3. LEDs Are More Cost Effective
If you consider both of the previous benefits of LED lights together, it becomes quite clear that LED lights are considerably more cost effective than other types of warning lights. With less maintenance overall and lesser costs of maintenance when fixes are needed, you’ll spend considerably less maintaining your warning light setup. Less money invested in tedious fixes and bulb repairs means more money for more important projects, like keeping your vehicles maintained and your workers paid. 
4. LEDs Are Better for the Environment
With constant reminders of our need to be environmentally conscious, LEDs are an obvious choice. Not only are LED lights more energy efficient in regards to their usage of electricity, but they also use considerably less material in their construction overall. As if both of those benefits weren’t good enough in their own right, LED lights are remarkably easy to recycle. Most local recycling centers will accept LED bulbs for recycling, and defective bulbs can be very easily recycled into working bulbs. 
Unlike fluorescent bulbs, which contain toxic chemicals that are dangerous both to humans and to the environment, LED lights are totally non-toxic, making them safe to replace, maintain, and dispose of.
For many public service workers likely to utilize warning lights, care for the environment represents respect for the community they serve. Adopting LED lights on all your vehicles can help care for the environment our communities rely on.
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