Project Monitoring System Meaning and its Importance

Published By TIEM Chart, 2 Sep 2017

Project Monitoring System Meaning and its Importance

Project monitoring system is tool which monitors the financial progress of the projects. Project monitoring system captures monthly wise progress reports of the ongoing projects. It is online based tool to which manage and monitors all ongoing projects and track all those aspects which might causing delayProject monitoring system software monitors the actual progress against the monthly plan.

Project monitoring systems software provides project managers an online server to interact with rest of his team. Means if there are 10 to 15 people in a team who are part of a project, all can remain in touch with each other through the monitoring system.

Web based software project monitoring system allow people to keep a track on their data and work. The progress that you make in your projects will to you as well as your colleagues. It empowers the project manager to make prompt decisions.

· It observes regular intervals or monthly progress of the project.

· Track the actual completion result against the planned.

· Identifies risk and issues

· Generates various reports

· Helps in monitoring the ongoing project activities

Software project monitoring system includes tracking a progress of a project against time, resources and performance schedules and to focus on lagging areas which requires timely attention and an instant action to solve them.

Benefits of software Project monitoring system

Ø Improve resource management

Ø Grow project awareness

Ø Evaluate the project that delivers greatest values

Ø Take corrective action and make changes if required

Ø It provides more ways to raise funds and influential policy

Ø It is consolidated source of information showcase progress of the project

Ø It generates reports which generates transparency and accountability

Ø It showcases mistakes and also shows path for turning those mistake right.

Ø Provides questioning and testing assumptions.

Project monitoring system has several advantage and benefits. It offers improved project control and visibility, better access to information with less cost and time, it shorted the life cycle of project and quicker the decision making process. All the latest information about the project is always available online and well communicated among team members. Project monitoring system enables to clarify its objective and majorly focus to increase efficiency and use of resources. It is systematic collection and analysis of information to track progress of project against its preset targets and delivers date.

Tiemchart delivers best project monitoring system which helps to achieve all business objectives from measuring the progress of project to actual progress of project and also monitoring it on regular intervals of time.