Order From Kanger Wholesale Distributors Rather Than Manufacturers

Published By Ben Oesterling, 6 Sep 2017

Order From Kanger Wholesale Distributors Rather Than Manufacturers

Most of us already know the advantages that come with ordering Kanger products from wholesale distributors rather than retail, but have you ever thought of going directly to the source i.e. the manufacturers?

Just think about it. You wouldn’t need to go through the hassle of dealing with middlemen anymore, middlemen who are, of course, charging a commission for their service. If you go directly to the Kanger manufacturer, you will get more affordable products.

While this is all true, there is a reason that most people use a Kanger wholesaler rather than order directly from Kanger. There are other factors to consider than just the price.

Convenience with Kanger Wholesale
Kanger products are manufactured in China. So if you want to order directly from them, you have to do it from their website or visit them in China. Additionally, since your products will be traveling all this way, you can expect the delivery to take more time than usual to reach you.

Manufacturers have different a set of rules than wholesalers. They are not in the business of going out of their way to make things easier for you. There is no return or exchange policy. For them, selling is something meant for wholesale distributors, and so they may unintentionally come across as uninterested in helping you out.

Kanger wholesale distributors like Kingdom Vapor exist to bridge this gap between you, the retailer and the manufacturer. Their job is to distribute Kanger products through proper sales channels, and therefore they are more equipped to deal with your needs. Delayed delivery times and issues with product quantities are less frequent. You will even get access to discounts as you place larger orders.

Client Dealing is a Priority for Wholesalers
Wholesalers are more prepared to sell. They provide regular updates to registered retailers regarding new product launches, product catalogs, and information. Special offers are common, too. Some Kanger wholesale distributors also offer a variety of payment and delivery options to make it easier for buyers.

At the end of the day, the job of Kanger wholesalers is to maintain good relationships with retailers and provide them with peace of mind. They wouldn’t be able to exist otherwise. Accordingly, they offer warranties and return policies. They have their own product testing protocols in place to keep the retail outlet and their customers reviving quality products consistently. They put in time and effort to develop client relationships.

Kanger Wholesale at Kingdom Vapor
Kingdom Vapor has the whole range of Kanger products to offer. This includes all Kanger parts, accessories and kits including the ever-popular Kanger Drip Box. They have a dedicated customer support team in place to make sure that each and every query is addressed efficiently. Additionally, they have no set minimum order quantities (MOQ), so you can order just a few Kanger products to start off with and check how they sell before making a larger investment. Contact Kingdom Vapor today and start building your line of Kanger vaping products.

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