Off Grid Inverter in India – Now You Don't Need To Compromise

Published By Solarin Solar, 22 Dec 2017

Off grid solar system as the name says that it is without grid, now you don’t need to dependent on grid for solar power. Off grid solar inverters has a power back up, during day time sun shines and battery get charged and supplies power. In evening or during cloudy day when there is no sun energy stored batteries or power back up is used which provide electricity.

Off grid power inverter are best for less space as its installation does not require more area. Although it is considered little expensive then grid inverters but it’s just a onetime investment which is beneficial for long term.

Living off grid in a solar electric means living without grid or without electricity and for the same some adjustment is required.             Usage of gadgets with grid should be used less for e.g. if you love music use iPods or walkman instead of using music player.          Living off grid will let you know the advantage of solar energy and you will be more aware about sun and weather pattern. A Proper strategies are requires to use each gadgets and appliances so that power can be conserve. There are various people who live off grid and after a research it was found that they are healthiest and happy person because they live pollution free and consider sun is their friend.

Off grid solar inverters are a way which can help us to live off grid at certain extent and today, we are a leading solar inverter manufacturer in India. So before taking it one should know how it works.

·         Solar power kept on roof top capture energy from sun and converts it into direct current.

·         Off grid solar inverters converts this direct current in to electricity.

·         And from main switchboard electricity is floats to main power.

·         Off grid inverters batteries in day time are get charged up which can be helpful in evening or when there is no sunlight.

How off grid solar inverters in India are beneficial- Off grid means anywhere and everywhere.

As considered to grid off grid are little expensive because it required batteries which can be used as backup but the  investing in off grid is a onetime investment which  will be profitable for you in future.

1.       With help of off grid solar inverters you can use solar energy when there is no sun, or in the evening. Off grid means no grid so now you don’t have to be dependent on grid which makes you self sufficient.

2.       Off grid system can be used anywhere even in remote areas. In off grid sun is the main source of energy no grid and you can get power irrespective of power cuts.

In India, off grid solar energy can be a life saver as there are various places where we have no electricity and off grid supplies are perfect for these areas where grid supply cannot reach. There are various off grid solar inverters manufacturer in India which provide reliable battery back but before buying it a proper research should be done.