Now Body Hair Transplant Can Give You The Beard You Always Desired

Published By Fue Hlc, 6 Dec 2017

Now Body Hair Transplant Can Give You The Beard You Always Desired

If you are a balding men or hair on some part of your body, especially face have started decreasing prematurely, then body hair transplant is the only solution to get proper hair again.The procedure starts when your doctor starts the examination of affected area and then find a proper solution of your problem. If you are availing the treatment from a good clinic or surgeon, then your treatment will be done using the FUE hair transplant technique.

In body hair transplant, the maximum cases involve baldness and patchy beard. A patchy beard not only deteriorates the looks of a man but also lowers the self-confidence. When there are some scars or patches on your face which do not have any beard, the hair from the scalp are transplanted to the scars with FUE technology. Here,some things related to beard hair transplantation which every man should know are mentioned.

Enormous Satisfaction

The men get enormous satisfaction when the patches or the scars on their face are covered with a complete and lustrous beard. Truly, the satisfaction cannot be matched with anything in the world.

Get The Beard Of Your Choice

The beard transplantation has made it easy to get the beard of your choice. Just as a haircut, you can carry a photograph and tell your doctor that you want this kind of beard. After the transplantation, you will walk out with a beard you desired.

Hair To Beard Are Transplanted From Scalp

When it is about beard transplantation, the hairs are taken from the back of the scalp. These are usually equivalent to the hair around chin.

Transplanted Hair Fall And Regrow

You should know that the transplanted hair falls out after three weeks. But, there is no need to worry because they regrow after three months. You should not lose your faith in science.

Take A Leave From Work

It is observed that the procedure usually takes around 2 to 5 hours and in rare cases, a second round is required.

Beard Transplant Cover All The Parts Of Face

The name is beard hair transplant but it also involves sideburn and eyebrow transplants. The experts term the patch of hair as “hair tattoo” and it can strategically be installed on any part of the body. Some people prefer it across their shoulder, some across their chest, etc.

Many Positive Results

A large number of positive results ensures that this procedure is nothing but the success. Yes, there are numerous men who sport a full beard with transplantation.

Rising Trend

If the numbers from late 2010 till now are compared, it will be found that there is a substantial rising trend seen in the number of men going for beard hair transplantation. It certainly is the trend no men (bald or having patches on face) wish to miss.

A Sad News, You Can’t Be A Beard Donor

Despite of so much advancement in technology, it is not possible for a man to donate his beard because it is very difficult to find a perfect match for hair.

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A more recent development in Body Hair Transplant is the use of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to camouflage a widened donor scar, provided FUE Hairline Clinic.