Moissanite Rose Gold Engagement Rings: A Rising Contender

Published By Olivia E Shoemaker, 14 Dec 2017

Moissanite Rose Gold Engagement Rings: A Rising Contender

We are now 17 years into the new millennium and with the advancement of time comes the desire for new evolutions and options in everything, including engagement rings. Engagement trends have always been a mixture of the new and traditional, and striking the right balance between them can make a world of difference in your personal satisfaction with a ring. One of the most exciting options that are rising as a contender for popularity among fiancés are Moissanite Rose Gold Engagement Rings. These unique and beautiful rings are particularly special because they utilize a rare and incredible mineral known as Moissanite, whose origins are based in the stars beyond.

Moissanite was discovered just at the turn of the 19th century, in 1893. Mineralogist Henri Moissan was analyzing samples of rocks from the Canyon Diablo, Arizona meteor crater when he discovered a crystalline mineral embedded in the rocks that he first thought was diamonds. Nearly ten years later, Moissan realized that he had made a major mistake. The crystals within the rocks were not diamonds but were instead something else entirely. The crystals Moissan had discovered were actually silicon carbide.

Moissan’s discovery turned out to be the first example of naturally occurring silicon carbide, which had previously only been created in labs. Even then, scientists had only managed to create silicon carbide in labs two years before Moissan’s discovery. All indications pointed to the idea that this mineral had come from space, carried to Earth on a meteorite. For nearly a century after its discovery, scientists doubted it even existed in nature at all outside of deposits brought here by meteorites.

It was ultimately determined that Moissanite did indeed exist in nature, though only in incredibly small deposits. As a result, almost all existing Moissanite in the world is synthetically produced. For a very long time, Moissanite was only used for industrial purposes. In 1998, however, an intrepid jewelry firm decided to implement Moissanite crystals into their wedding rings. This innovative line of jewelry was fantastically successful.

While Moissanite has never eclipsed the mass-appeal of diamonds, there are a number of other reasons to choose Moissanite over diamond. The first is relative durability or hardness. Gems are rated on a scale of durability known as the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. Diamonds are the hardest mineral listed, being rated as a 10 on the Mohs scale. Amazingly, despite appearing so similar that even experts often guess incorrectly, Moissanite rates a 9.5 on the Mohs scale. Moissanite is harder even than other popular gems like sapphires, meaning it is much less likely to wear and will realistically out last multiple generations of a family. Moissanite rose gold engagement rings immediately become a family treasure.

Moissanite in a ring makes a symbolic call to the heavens. If a diamond is forever, what is a crystal that is only found in stars? With a Moissanite ring, you will be reminded of the eternity of the stars every time you think of your marriage and your love. Symbolism is incredibly important when choosing a ring, and it’s difficult to find a gem more symbolic than Moissanite.

Rose gold is the perfect precious metal to embrace a Moissanite crystal. The warm reddish hues of rose gold contrast with the pure clarity of the Moissanite, making for a ring that simultaneously calls our thoughts to the stars and reminds us of the warmth of our home and those we love. Moissanite rose gold engagement rings remind the viewer of romantic nights together, looking up at the stars with that one special person you love.

One final consideration to make when thinking about buying a Moissanite ring is that Moissanite for jewelry is entirely lab created, meaning that it does not need to be mined or traded for extensively. Diamonds, unfortunately, have attracted a lot of controversy in recent decades as a result of ethical problems in the mining of them. Sticking with Moissanite lets you get a gem that looks as good, if not better, than diamond without having to be concerned that your money could be going to bad players in the jewelry industry. Moissanite and other alternative gemstones seem to be the most ethical options in the current day.

Moissanite's incredible history, symbolism, and appearance, it is a fantastic choice for an engagement ring. Rose gold works fantastically with Moissanite to make a ring that is unforgettable by anyone who sees it. What more could be desired in an engagement ring?

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