Merits of an Open-Source Ecommerce Platform

Published By Etoileinfo Solutions, 17 May 2018

Merits of an Open-Source Ecommerce Platform

The SEO pundits of one of the leading companies in Seo Services in Phoenix Arizona would like to talk about the advantages of using an Open-Source Ecommerce Platform. Choosing an ecommerce platform for your business is a very difficult and measured task. You need to be fully adapted to the ins and outs of all the open-ecommerce platforms available in the market and thorough with their functionalities.

Now, ecommerce platforms can be both open-source and proprietary. Proprietary ecommerce platforms come with a lot of restrictions and subscription fees. There is no way you can access the code or do modifications in the code without the help of a professional coder or developer. But we are not pushing forward the fact that you shouldn’t go for a proprietary ecommerce platform. One must always opt for an ecommerce platform that can fully fulfill the needs of a website and the industry in which your website is functioning.

The major advantage with the Open-Source Ecommerce Platforms is that they give you the liberty to modify, create, and develop exactly what you are looking forward to developing for your ecommerce platform.

The experts of Etoile Info Solutions have put together a blog explaining the merits of using an open-source ecommerce platform.

Custom Design Layouts: The one issue every ecommerce business owner faces when using a shopping cart is that the look and feel of the website are exactly like 100 other websites available over the internet. This kind of image that open source ecommerce platform web design and layout represents is not an image of a strong and well-established brand and will not give your brand the online visibility you are looking forward to. Customized ecommerce platforms, on the other hand, give you the freedom to set the look and feel of your website as you like so that your customers can experience customized shopping experience.

No Vendor fee: Unlike proprietary ecommerce storefronts, like Microsoft Windows and Adobe Flash Player, open source ecommerce platforms are free of any kind of subscription or vendor lockdown fees. This gives the website owner who downloads the ecommerce platform software the rights over all the licenses attached to the program and can be transferred or redistributed to anyone the owner deemed worthy.
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Effective Search Engine Marketing: Many ecommerce shopping platforms are not able to live up to the expectations of search engines and perform really low-key in search engine marketing since they all sell the same items using the same shopping cart, other 50 websites are selling. Search engines look for websites that are not only unique but also provide something unique to the customers. Having the freedom to design the website as you like allows you to incorporate latest web code trends and latest SEO techniques.