Male Elbow - Advantages and Applications

Published By Mahesh H S, 3 Oct 2017

Male Elbow - Advantages and Applications
Male Elbow:

The “Male Elbow” is a small piece of pipe fitting that has exterior threads at one end and an interior thread at another end. They are screwed into the inside of pipe end of a larger diameter with internal threading. The male elbow is usually designed to get fit into the female elbow. This fitting has both ends openings that change the flowing direction of water, allowing the user to make 90 degrees connection. This pipe fitting is designed for portable drinking water and household usage purposes. It comes in various angles from 22 ½ degrees to 90 degrees, but the most commonly used is 90 degrees or L-shaped. 

The Some of the Advantages and Applications and of Male Elbow are:

1. Used in the common plumbing system.

2. To divert the water or fluid flow from one direction to another.

3. In many industries and construction applications.

4. In chemical industries, where requires special attention to check leakage of harmful gases. 

5. The T-shaped elbow acts as a diverter or connector for three different pipes.