Makes Communication Easier with Skype for Business Compatible Phones

Published By Mia Distribution, 1 Nov 2017

Makes Communication Easier with Skype for Business Compatible Phones

Skype is well known for the way it has allowed people to communicate with families and friends across the globe using a computer or mobile device. However, Windows is working with partners such as Yealink Skype for business to develop and certify a variety of devices through the Partner IP Phone Program for Cloud PBX and Skype for Business Server.

It is now possible to get Skype's low-cost calls to the office by adding Skype Connect to your existing SIP-enabled PBX system. This can save a substantial amount of money and there is only a little or no additional upgrades required.

Yealink Skype for Business with Seamless Interoperability

Skype for business is designed to have high-quality endpoints which increase communication productivity and to simplify technology management. There is a range of phones available which are certified with the new Skype for Business Online Service. This is part of the Office 365 package and it offers Cloud PBX and PSTN Conferencing.

The Yealink telephones such as the Yealink T46S is the ultimate communications tool for any professional or top executives. It has the Yealink Optima HD technology combined with the wideband codec of Opus and produces crystal clear sound. It can be used with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi provided you have a dongle. The phone is capable of handling calls quickly with its Gigabit Ethernet technology. This phone has fantastic interoperability capabilities and is an upgrade to the older T4 range.

Enhance the Business Communications with Skype

By using Skype as the communication system in your business allows you to make calls at a reduced cost which include international calls as well as to mobile phones. Making calls all the time to your customers especially if they are often overseas can be a costly exercise. Having the ability to use skype will not only reduce the costs but will also have the same high-quality service that you would expect.

Keeping track of costs is one of the more important parts of a business and using Skype allows you to do that. Using Skype manager, you are able to allocate accounts to your staff and the limits making it easy to track costs. It also allows you to analyze the monthly costs and identify where savings can be made.

Using Skype video call will reduce your travel time and is perfect for face to face meetings. Having a video call is just as effective as having a face to face meeting but you can do it from your office, home or while you are travelling. Skype video calling is also available for all devices consequently giving you the flexibility of using a mobile device or office computer.

Staying in touch with Colleagues and Customers

You can stay in touch with your colleagues by using the Skype instant messaging service. You can ask about the progress of the project and if your colleague needs any assistance you can send documents if required using the file transfer feature.

Customers are the most important part of a business and if they have Skype all they need to do is tap on your Skype number on your website and they are connected wherever they are.

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