Loan Simple : Financing Solutions and Advantages

Published By Robert Johnson, 20 Aug 2020

Loan Simple : Financing Solutions and Advantages

In the summer, loan requests increase considerably because there are so many expenses to be faced, from ceremonies to school camps for children, up to holidays. So the financing solutions are never enough and is a whole new option that deserves to be evaluated with extreme attention. Especially for the advantageous conditions that currently allow you to pay a loan significantly less than the competition.

Weddings, education, medical emergency, weekends by the sea or in the mountains, managing children (which during the summer are a bit problematic due to the closure of schools and kindergartens), holidays in exotic places. These are all events that characterize the summer of many Philippines families and that require a lot of liquidity. Of course, you can always give up something, but why, for example, deny yourself the well-deserved vacation after months of stress and work only for an economic reason? With sustainable financing, which does not affect the family budget too much, you can get interesting figures to cover the most urgent expenses and also take off some whims. The important thing is that you never take a step longer than the leg.

We were talking about, which with a completely online credit loan on Robocash, the procedure allows you to obtain personal loans of up to support 10,500 to 25 000 PHP any project. The calculation of the installment is very fast (just 2 minutes are enough) and the outcome of the request arrives in just 24 hours. A super offer is currently underway with a fixed loan

You apply for PHP 20,000 and choose repayment over 6 months, your monthly payment will be only PHP 5,000 per month, your total cost of the loan will be PHP 2,383 per month (APR = 143%) * It is difficult to find a financing solution under similar conditions.

Of course, as with all loans, access to the Loan Simple offer is subject to the availability of a reliable credit profile, which provides regular income (salary or other constant income) and no on-going pending.

Fast and immediate online loans

The evaluation times for a personal, online pautang from Robocash can be quite long, especially if it is a question of large amounts. However, it is now possible to request fast and safe loans from all banks and financial companies, which provide dedicated formulas for those who need to, have more or less high amounts in a very short time to bear unexpected expenses.

Personal loans: get up to 10 500 to 25 000PHP

Fast Loans: what they are

Fast personal online credit loan on Robocash, are precisely the loans that can be obtained more quickly than traditional loans: in fact, the waiting times for the disbursement of the requested sum are usually between 24 and 48 hours, thus representing the best choice for those who need for immediate liquidity to deal with any small unexpected events. Sometimes, even if very rarely, it is also possible to request, under certain conditions, a loan with immediate credit and therefore less than 24 hours. The documents for financing to be presented to the credit institution are tax documentation and economic documentation, depending on the applicant's work situation (payslip, slip, single model, etc.), identity card, tax code.

Immediate loans: how to get them

Compared to the standard procedure, the request for immediate loans has some limitations, but it is still an excellent solution for those who need a sum of money in a very short time.

The immediate loans are generally the financial ones through an online procedure, far faster than the request through the counter. As for the obtainable amounts, the maximum disbursement limit for an immediate online pautang from Robocash loan usually ranges between10 500 to 25 000 PHP, but obviously, each bank is free to independently establish a maximum limit. Compared to a classic loan, it should be considered that interest rates are slightly higher than normal.

So, in summary, to receive a quick loan just apply to the chosen financial company through and follow the very easy guided procedure, not before having read all the terms and conditions of the loan carefully. To send the request it is necessary to fill in a short form in which you enter your data and other information, including the net monthly income and any other loans in progress (including the mortgage), complete with the amount of the installment.

If the documentation is complete and does not contain errors or inconsistencies, the financial response arrives very quickly. The lender is in any case free to carry out all the necessary checks before granting the loan, and if it deems it appropriate, it can contact the applicant by telephone to dispel any possible doubts and finalize the procedure.