List of top 10 cakes you should celebrate your special day with

Published By Ravi Sahu, 12 Jul 2018

There are dozens of cake flavours out there but have you ever thought, ‘for what reason people tend to buy the same flavour every time?’ just because they love that flavour the most.

The same way, most of the people buy almost the same flavour as the cake every time they visit a cake shop.

And do you know, what are those main flavours which people buy every time or most of the times for celebrating an occasion?

You do not, right? I have already seen you shrugging.

But do not need to get bothered as we have got the list of what cake flavours people love the most at online cake delivery in Mumbai, have your eyes on them as they are given below.


1. Chocolate Cake

People love this cake the most; almost every person in this world would have eaten it at least once in their life. It is actually flavoured with melted chocolate and cocoa powder which gives a very smooth and mouth-watering feel to them who eat it.

When it comes to chocolate, every person who loves it go for it. Most people love to eat things made with chocolate that shows the craze of chocolate in people’s mind.

The chocolate cake has been the most popular cake because it comes with several varieties and have unique texture.

2. Black Forest Cake

People consider this cake to be a royal one not just because of its name but also because of its taste and its decoration. This cake is actually tortes with cherry and flavoured with cocoa powder.

3. Strawberry Cake

This is the third one in the list; the strawberry cake is the cake which is especially known for its flavours and unique decoration with creams and strawberries.

This cake has a soft crust and it is mostly ordered at the time of some romantic occasions such as valentine day, marriage anniversary, etc.

4. Pineapple Cake

This cake is generally decorated with lots of flavoured cream and it has a spongy base which makes it a mouth-watering one. This cake has a yellowish colour that indicates what thing it is made ‘pineapple’.

This cake is a less-sweeter cake than other but the flavour of pineapple gives it the yum a cake lover wants.

5. Coffee Cake

The person who loves coffee will definitely love this cake too. This cake is common sweet bread flavoured with a coffee extract that makes it delicious and energetic too.

6. Cheese Cake

This cake’s name has already indicated to us that it is going to be cheesy. This cake is made with cheese and eggs and it generally has 2-3 layers which are filled with cheese.

Cheesecake is soft but rarely spongy; its taste delights the person who eats it.

7. Red Velvet Cake

This cake generally has a dark, bright or brown red colour. It is made with carrot and topped with cream cheese and cooked roux icing.

This cake is not very sweet as other cakes are but when it is flavoured with cheese, it becomes a great one to have.

8. Banana Cake

The banana cake is delicious and healthy too as it is said to have a quality amount of calcium, fibre and protein. This cake is made with banana, milk and flavoured a little bit by vanilla extract.

The special combination of banana and vanilla extract make it yummier.

9. Vanilla Cake

Vanilla, who does not love it? Do you? I don’t think so.

This cake has a very soft texture and it is made with eggs and vanilla which make it a creamy and spongy too.

10. Carrot Cake

Last but not the least at all, the carrot cake is prepared by mixing carrots into batter. This cake generally has a soft and dense texture. During the making process, the carrots get softer so you can eat it easily without worrying that what if it has a bad taste.

So we are finally done and looking forward to wrapping up. Hope you loved the post and you have probably understood that what cake you want.

Wrapping up;

We are done with this post and it’s our time to wrap up. Moreover, there are many others flavours also available in a market that you might love, the top 10 cakes we mentioned above were according to the preference of most people.

Hope you loved the post "".