Let’s Talk About UX Copywriting

Published By Etoileinfo Solutions, 14 Mar 2018

Let’s Talk About UX Copywriting

The expert and proficient design professionals of a leading Web Development Company in Phoenix Arizona AZ, Etoile Info Solutions say that though the concept of UX writing has been around for quite a long time, it is now that we are witnessing its popularity skyrocket. The sudden appearance of this term seems to be confusing a lot of people including the varied design professionals. There are quite a lot of people who are referring to it as a new term for UX design, while others are regarding it as a copywriting related to the UX topic.

So to clear the cobwebs that cloud the world of UX writing, the experts of Etoile Info Solutions in this article would like to tell people about the UX Writing and why people are talking so much about it. 

What is UX Writing?

The term UX writing is typically new in the market but the process around which it revolves has been around for decades. UX writing is the process of coming up with words people notice when they first interact with the software. In short, it is the process of structuring a conversation between a user and its product.

In more technical terms, you can define UX writing as the practice for structuring a copy for user-oriented touch points. The copy should not only be directed towards what an organization is all about but must also be considerate and useful for the user. These UX copies help immensely in user interfaces which help guide users within a product and how they can interact with it.  The major goal of crafting a UX copy is to form an easy communication between the user and the product.

This Copy which is created by UX writers is referred to as the microcopy. As the name suggests microcopies contain small components of text which serve as a link for users to interact with the product. Now, what are the various components of these microcopies?

Microcopies primarily contain a path for,

·         Buttons

·         Menu copy

·         Error messages

·         Security notes

·         Terms and conditions

·         Instructions on product page

UX writing is playing a major role in influencing both user experience and user interface. A well-written microcopy is a factor that influences the user experience, the information architecture as well as the website navigation.

UX Writing helps in achieving the following goals,

1. It provides a path for consumers to accomplish the task at hands.

2. The microscopy structured for each touch point and platform needs to be informative and effective, yet without too much-hurled information so that the tasks can be completed in the shortest time possible.

3. To be consistent while building a brand voice.

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