Let know about Nutrient Taken during Surrogacy

Published By ART Baby, 28 Oct 2017

Let know about Nutrient Taken during Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a serious decision taken between two parties and it's very important or takes a good care of the surrogate mother, who carries someone else in their womb. It is the responsibility of intended parents to take care the diet of a surrogate mother so that baby can be healthy and safe. Also, surrogacy agency in Delhi NCR guides surrogate mother and intended parents that what nutrients should be included in the diet of a surrogate. As the cost of surrogacy services in India varies and it will be worth doing spending only if intended parents take care of the diets of surrogates on a regular basis so that no complication can be attained. Surrogacy agency in Delhi NCR constantly emphasize on educating the surrogate moms on the best diet elements to be used during pregnancy.

Main a Diet charts, as food is an essential which play a very important role in healthy and comfortable pregnancy. In a first trimester, women do not require extra calories. But in the second trimester, it is important to make a diet chart for the growth of a child, as in this period approx 300 -400 additional calories should be taken. In thirds trimester she is required to intake 400 -500 calories as the child grow rapidly in this time. Also, the advice of obstetrician is required and should also manage a balance on surrogate’s body weight too.

Below is a brief list of the foods to eat during pregnancy:


Eggs are good suppliers of the protein required at the time of pregnancy. Even if you do not like eating eggs, you should include it into the diet because it is good for the child health. It will give you the energy to complete your day to day activities, without getting tired. Also, enrich your daily nutrition and maintain a proper balance in your body.


Walnuts are one of the best suppliers of plant-based omega-3s. Omega-3s is good for the body and is beneficial for a child in the womb as it does not provide extra DHA to the body. This can be given in the form of deserts or at the time of snacks too.


Beans are easily digestible protein and can be very effective for nausea. It intake brings a tremendous growth on the development of the baby eye, skin etc.

Sweet potatoes and yams

Sweet potatoes and yams are the best to change the test and also consists of good fibers which I very healthy for the development of a body. Sweet potatoes can be served up in various ways; one can be mashed up with butter and salt, can eat at daytime and also can be baked in chips too. This is one of the delicious and healthy food items that can be included in the diet chart of surrogates.

Greek yogurt


Now, this is the delicious dairy product and a pregnant lady can eat all dairy product, as according to a study surrogate should intake green yogurts as It contains high in protein and also gentle which can be tasty to drink.

Responsibilities of the Surrogate Mother

A surrogate mother always should be responsible enough to maintain a good diet and should focus on the healthy birth of a child, which matter the most. Surrogacy comes with a great deal of responsibility for the healthy growth of a baby without causing any defect. Also apart from diet emotional mood swings are very common, treat women like a child with utmost care and attention at this point in time so that child inside her womb can be safe.