Leading FUE Clinic for hair transplant Istanbul

Published By Fue Hlc, 30 Oct 2017

Leading FUE Clinic for hair transplant Istanbul

Loss of hair used to be one of those things against which one would be helpless. But modern medicine and surgical techniques have enabled us today to effectively combat baldness. One of the most effective ways is hair transplantation.

Overview of hair transplantation

Hair transplantation involves removing healthy hair follicles, or the roots from areas where the growth of hair still occurs. Hair loss is more common on the top and front of the scalp, while hair normally grows well in the sides and posterior rear region of the scalp. Hair transplantation involves surgically removing hair follicles from those regions and transplanting them to the regions where hair growth has stopped. There are two main techniques of transplantation, described briefly in the following sections.

The traditional FUT technique

The FUT technique is an older technique of hair transplantation. FUT stands for Follicle Unit Transplantation. In this technique, first, the hair is trimmed short, cleaned and dried. Then a strip shaped region, usually several millimetres wide and several centimetres long is selected for transplant. This strip of skin tissue along with the follicles is then surgically removed, and the remaining skin is stretched and stitched to cover the area of the removed skin.

Usually, some advanced stitching techniques are used which allow hair growth through the scar, hiding it effectively. The scar, after healing, is visible only if the hair is trimmed too short or shaved off. A technician then separates the hair follicles from the excess tissue and prepares them for transplant. The follicles are then surgically inserted into the target region, and the hair growth can then continue as normal. The scar at the area from where the skin was removed usually heals within 2-3 weeks.

Newer FUE technique

The FUE technique, which was developed in the 1980s and 199s, is much more suitable for many cases. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. In this technique, each hair follicle is individually extracted. The surgeon uses a hollow needle shaped instrument for extracting individual follicles. Once the individual follicles are extracted, they are surgically transplanted to the target area similar to the FUT process. The main difference in the two processes is the method of extraction. The FUE extraction process leaves small round scars about 0.7-1 millimetre in diameter on the scalp. These scars are significantly smaller than the longer ones associated with the traditional FUT technique.

Hence, these scars heal quite quicker than the long strip scars, and have a healing time of only about 1 week in most cases. Also, once healed, these scars are significantly less visible than the long strip scars created by FUT technique. Hence, this technique also opens up the possibility of extracting follicles from other areas of the body such as beard, underarms, arms, legs etc. This process, also known as body grafting, is not feasible with FUT technique since it leaves quite prominently visible scars. Compared to FUT, the FUE technique is quite lengthy and demanding on the surgeon. Hence, it is recommended that you seek an experienced and well-reputed practitioner for FUE transplantation. But when done properly, the FUE technique has significant advantages over the traditional transplantation technique.

The importance of highly skilled practitioners is to be taken note of here. When choosing a practitioner for hair transplant, it is not a good idea to go for the lowest bargain price. At FUE Hairline Clinic, we have a team of some of the most skilled and experienced practitioners in the field of FUE hair transplant. Our competent team is the main aspect that makes us the leading FUE hair transplant in Istanbul.

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A more recent development in Hair Transplantation Istanbul is the use of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to camouflage a widened donor scar, provided FUE Hairline Clinic.