Lagging Behind In Math – Here Are Key Points To Help You!

Published By Oliver Mark, 8 Dec 2017

Lagging Behind In Math – Here Are Key Points To Help You!

Mathematics is a difficult subject for many students in their academics. Logical reasoning on the topics is involved, so to be able to solve the problems associated with them is really important. On a mission to improve these skills in students, the below key points are formulated for the people who interact with them. Let’s read through in detail on what can benefit the students who lag behind with Math – these points will help tutors to train and teach persistently for students to improve their Math proficiency!

1.    Identify the topics that the student is weak at –test basic proficiency

One should be aware of the topics that cause a lot of trouble with the students’ ability to solve problems. If you have an ambiguity around it, test the students on all of the topics and assess the areas where he is weak at. It will also be equally important to assess the students for their foundation concepts as advanced knowledge is based on them. Utilize the practice tests or question banks available online and offline for understanding the proficiency of a student in Mathematics

2.   Formulate a plan to teach and train

The topics that you uncover as struggle areas have to be addressed using the right approach. Various ‘worktexts’ that deal with both the explanation and the problems are the easiest way to help students get back to the proficiency levels that they are at with other topics. Make a plan to deal one area in Math with relevant explanation and sample problems.

3.    Build on the fundamentals

If you have a student whose ability to solve fundamental problems is low and is of the proficiency of lower grades, then you have a strong reason to groom him in a complete manner. The fundamentals can be effectively imparted by the Complete Curriculum online. Once the student gets the hold, it will be sufficient for him to read past the explanation and look into problem-solving than actually doing them. Also, restudying fundamentals for higher grade students will be effective if the student is struggling with the proficiency at his grade.

4.    Sequence learning for it to be effective

It will not be sufficient to just learn your weaker topics, but it is important to sequence them with relevant basics so as to understand them better. Eg: Learning about decimals and place value will be crucial to understanding about decimal addition and multiplication and the concepts of decimals will be fundamental before the student learns about percentages.

5.    Evaluate proficiency on the go

Each time, both the student and the teacher are excited to get into advanced learning modes. We advise you to pause after every curriculum and at every grade level to assess and evaluate whether the student has gained the relevant proficiency. If convincing, present newer concepts and get into advanced learning. Do always remember that fundamentals need to be at their best so that you don’t repeat this learning process again!

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