Knowing what hair transplant results to expect from surgery

Published By Fue Hlc, 30 Oct 2017

Knowing what hair transplant results to expect from surgery

Skewed expectations

These days, with more and more awareness, an increasing number of patients suffering from hair loss surgeries are opting for hair transplant surgery. No doubt that many are motivated by before and after photos posted by many hair transplant clinics showing wonderful results. However, it is necessary to be properly educated about how hair transplantation works and what results you should expect for yourself.

The photos posted in advertisements are no doubt representative of the best possible results, after an appropriate period of time. But often times we see that doctors do not properly advise the patients on realistic expectations, and due to skewed expectations, some of those who undergo the hair transplant surgery are left disappointed. So, this article should help to educate you about what you should realistically expect from your surgery.

Importance of counselling

Before any medical procedure, counselling is necessary. Rushing into deciding to opt for any surgery without fully understanding the complete risks and expected outcomes is unwise. The same applies for hair transplant surgery. Even if you have seen the various images depicting the before and after scenarios of various other patients. It is necessary to schedule a proper consultation session with your doctor and understand as best as you can about the surgery. Your doctor will be able to evaluate your exact circumstances and causes for hair loss, and suggest the best option for you.

At FUE Hair Line Clinic, we offer all our patients an elaborate consultation before the decision to undergo transplantation surgery is made. There are various factors necessary to determine whether surgery is suitable, and what kind of surgery is best suited for a particular individual depending on subjective factors. Also, the quality of outcome or the success rate will also be highly dependent on the particular individual in question. Hence, it is necessary to set up a proper consultation session with your doctor.

Factors affecting the outcome

Hair transplant surgery involves transplantations of typically several thousands of hair grafts from the donor area to the target or recipient area. However, it is not possible to have absolute success. Some of those grafts do not survive and do not produce hair. Typically, 10-15% of the hair grafts fail due to transplantation shock. However, this proportion depends on various factors. Highly skilled and experienced doctors typically have alower rate of failed grafts. Hence, finding the lowest bargain may not be a great idea for hair transplantation. The success rate also depends upon the post-surgical care of the transplanted area. The doctor will prescribe special care measures for the patients, and failure to follow them properly will lead to more proportion of failed grafts.

If the transplanted hair is taken from the scalp itself, then the failure rate is typically lower than bodygrafts. And the last and important factor that many patients do not take into account is time. The transplanted grafts do not immediately sprout hair, and hence many patients express dissatisfaction a short while after surgery. However, most of the transplanted hair grafts become active in the 6 to 9month window in most cases. So the full effect of the transplant surgery is evident only after a year after the transplantation surgery.

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