Know Your Shows When You Buy Anime Shirts Online

Published By Danny Kanfy, 7 Nov 2017

Buying gifts can always be hard, but it’s especially difficult when you know that someone is a fan of a specific hobby without being familiar with that hobby yourself. Anime is one of the most popularly growing types of media, and fans of anime are famously in love with outfits that reference and pay homage to their favorite shows. We know not everyone knows anime as well as otakus (anime super-fans) like us, so we’ve decided to create this quick guide to a couple of the most popular anime shows for those who are looking to buy anime shirts online as gifts for friends and family who are fans. Below, we will list the title of a popular show and some information you might find helpful when you go to buy anime shirts online.

1. Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball and its sequels, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, are all fantastically popular among anime fans. TV and streaming are now running Dragon Ball Super, but many specialty channels and services still show reruns of both of the earlier series. The characters to know for this show are Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Piccolo. Goku is the protagonist, almost always depicted as a cheery, spiky-haired fighter in an orange martial arts uniform. Bulma and Vegeta are two of Goku’s closest friends. They are a couple, Vegeta being a stern guy with tall, black hair and Bulma being a kind, blue-haired woman who won’t deal with nonsense from those who don't show her and her family respect. Finally, Piccolo is the most easily identifiable, being a green alien who usually wears purple-and-white robes. He is a friend to Goku and a mentor to Goku’s children and Bulma and Vegeta’s children alike.

2. My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia is a show that follows in the spirit of the Dragon Ball series in many ways. Though very different artistically, the themes of friendship, fighting until the end, and being forces for good are very present. Some of the most popular characters from this show are Allmight, an extremely muscular, patriotic superhero who quickly deflates to a skinny, fatigued man after a few hours of using his powers. Froppy, also known as Rainy Season Hero Froppy, is a kind girl whose appearance is very frog-like. Her abilities include many frog-like powers, fittingly. She wears a green jumpsuit and has a long tongue, and is one of the fandom’s favorite characters.

3. Attack on Titan
One of the darker anime series on television right now, Attack on Titan has inspired a number of incredible designs you can find when you buy anime shirts online. The three main characters, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are frequently depicted together, as are a number of the show’s main antagonists, the terrifying, monstrous titans. Many fans have also taken a liking to Captain Levi, a short, dark haired, and heavy-eyed leader with a dark past.

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