Keep up with the Fast-Paced Business Environments with Iserv Dect Phones

Published By Mia Distribution, 6 Nov 2017

Keep up with the Fast-Paced Business Environments with Iserv Dect Phones

Communications are essential in every business especially today when customers expect service that much faster. This is due to all the technological advances there have been to do with communications and productivity. Customers or colleagues no longer expect the answer "sorry the person is not in the office right now" unless they are on leave. With Iserv cordless phones, this is no longer necessary because you have total mobility with wireless technology.

Handsets to suit Employee Mobility Needs

Iserv Cordless Phones have a range of wireless handsets that will give the employees the freedom of leaving their desk without the fear of missing an important call. By having the employee available at all times no matter where they are in the office or outside will increase customer satisfaction and business productivity.

Safety of employees is of paramount importance and IserveDect Phones are designed to help with the safety of the personnel working away from the office. The phones have added safety features with up to 5 alarm systems that the employee can use. There are multiple ways to let your colleagues know that an emergency has occurred and the employee needs assistance. The nursecall solutions allow the user to let other people know whether it is a man down, no movement, running and emergency button press pull cord activated.

Why use Iserve Cordless Phones

Each business has the choice of being able to install a cost effective, scalable solution to suit their specific business requirements. It saves money compared to the old PBX systems and can seamlessly be changed between the traditional DECT and CAT-iq wideband audio. It is simple to install and offers over the air synchronisation of contacts. Coupled with all these features the system offers the business an effective communications tool which is of high-quality and at affordable rates.

Communication features

Using Iserv Dect Phones offers a wide range of communicating features which are scalable according to the number of employees in the office. The system can have up to 40 different bases and 200 handsets all using the same network. The voice quality is excellent with wideband voice (HDSP) and the choice of having basic and extended. Repeater support with easy handover and software that can be downloaded to wireless terminals.

The handsets are robustly built and are IP65 compliant. Along with the Micro-SD-card for fast handset exchange, it also comes with the dedicated alarm key at the top. The business can have the peace of mind that when their employees are out on site they can easily let the team know if they are in distress. This is particularly useful where employees need to work on their own.

If you are wanting to have safe effective communication with your customers and colleagues then using Iserv DECT phones have the capacity to provide a solution for your communication requirements. Contact your nearest distributor for which systems are available as well as Iserv Manuals.

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