Investing in an Air Purifier- Does it makes any sense!

Published By Pipeline Business, 10 Nov 2017

Investing in an Air Purifier- Does it makes any sense!


Is Air Purifier, a genuine product? Do Air Purifiers really work for a serious cause? Health, a basic requirement for person to live a beautiful life has always remained an issue of global concern. Outdoor pollution has resulted in an alarming situation for India in particular as the recent surveys has declared that pollution in Indian cities are some of the highest among the countries in the world. Metropolitan Cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai are the most vulnerable to air pollution. Due to this major breathing issues are coming up among population of these cities. This has resulted in the invention of a new technology, Air Purifiers. Air Purifier is a boon to our Nation.

What Air Purifiers do?

Air Purifiers are the devices that aim to purify the inside air by filtering out the air pollutants like dust, pollens, gaseous pollutants and nasty odours. They are equipped with an internal mechanism results in making the inside air healthier to breathe. If outdoor pollution is high, on average; inside air also get polluted to a certain level. According to the manufacturers, air purifiers purify the air with a three step process. The air passes through three levels of filtration and finally we breathe fresh air. These purifiers work by controlling or eliminating the source of the pollutants. They are beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics as it purifies the air by eliminating contaminants, tobacco smoke and unpleasant odours. Air Purifiers are the gift of science for patients suffering from Asthma and different type of breathing disorders.

However this air pollution is more in the Metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai as these are highly populated and busy cities. Through a survey, we came across with a fact that Air purifiers should be made necessary for Delhi and Mumbai, because these are highly polluted cities. With persistent smog over Delhi since Diwali, and increasing awareness of air pollution across India, sales of air purifiers in Delhi have seen a remarkable spike.


 Take a look, why to invest?

Now as you know how the air purifiers work, let's take a look at why to invest on these. When the air purifiers are attached to your central heating and/or air system, it powerfully reduces the amount of noise than a room air purifier. If you live in an area with a lot of outdoor pollutants or have someone in your home suffering from asthma, these types of purifiers are a great investment. Many people take their central heating and/or cooling system for granted and never really thing about them at all. When a full house air purifier is attached, it requires much attention especially when the filter needs replacement.

Now keep some important points while investing in an Air Purifier. There are health issues, cost issues, and the type of purifier to buy. Go through the technical specifications to make sure that it can benefit the complete area of your home. And remember all purifiers work differently. So consider some of these pros and cons when considering if a full house air purifier is right for you.

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