Instagram Mayhem

Published By Spam Guard App, 1 Dec 2017

Instagram Mayhem

Instagram is a great way to share your photos and comments. Usually, the experience is not only positive but exciting as comments and photos go back and forth.
However, unfortunately, not everyone exhibits the social graces you expect and it becomes necessary to stop the inappropriate vocabulary, the negative comments or worse still, the abusive language. If you are in this situation, there are a few things to know not only about how to delete the follower but also what other precautions you can take using different options of the technology.

How to Delete a Follower?

1) Start the Instagram app and in the lower right hand side of the screen, click on The Profile icon. It looks like a silhouette of a person.  
2) When the next screen loads, you should see a Followers button near the top right corner. Click on it. This is the list of all your Followers.
3) Find the person you want to block from your list. Click on the entry (perhaps the name) to load the page of your Follower.
4) Tap on the three dots   .  .  .  at the top right corner of your screen. (This is the more menu)
5) Some options will pop up and the first one will be Block in red print. Click or tap on Block
6) You will then see a choice box. Tap or click on Block to confirm this is what you want.
The Instaspam message states “They won't be able to find your profile, posts or any story on Instagram. Instagram won't let them know you blocked them.”

What’s Next?

So far so good. But what does the message mean? And is it what you think will happen?  
You are relieved that you will not have to deal with them again. But realize that the person you blocked still is a user of Instagram. They are still able to talk about you and this information will pop up in your News tab. If you get this type of message, remember they are still blocked from interacting with you.
If you thought blocking someone would remove their existing comments, you are wrong. You will have to go to each comment and tap on it to delete the comment. You may want to also tap on Report Abuse.

Private or Public

If you want control of who follows you, there is an option for that in Instagram.
1) Start Instagram.
2) Near the top right hand corner of the screen, you will see two buttons. One is labelled Edit Profile and to the right is a gear shape. Click or tap the gear shape.
3) Scroll down to the bottom of the first section of menu and slide the circle to the right on the Private Account.

What Does This Mean?

Only the people you approve will be able to view your posts. In time, all the other websites will not be able to view your posts. But it will take time for these sites to update their settings.
Maybe, you will never need these instructions; but if you do, you can feel confident that you do have a way to prevent seeing negative comments about you. Hopefully, your friends and followers will ignore these as well. You can request that they too Block the offender.

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