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Technology has influenced every nook and corner of our lives. It includes the new practices in our academics, the way we conduct business or the way we interact. But the most impact technology has caused is on our culture. Culture is defined as the idea, customs and traditions that are rooted in the people of the society. It is the base on which societies are founded. With the intervention of technology and increased globalization, culture is undergoing many variations. Technology is bringing large social changes in our cultural spectrum.

The new advancement in technology has altered the style in which we communicate; the present world is one of the examples. The way we create a relationship is now based on the common interest, mutual sharing and number of followers on the social media platforms. The dependence on technology is increasing with the declining dependence on each other that the culture has taught us. For example, when we are at a dinner we are interacting with our folks or family and at the same time with our cell phone. We are more interested on updating our status, letting all our connections know that we are gathered. The trend of updating has removed the charm of interacting personally. This is technology influencing culture.

Previously we had to visit a place when craving for something to eat but now we can get the same thing sitting in the comfort of our house by online vendors rather than local stores. This is also the influence of technology on culture eliminating social interaction.

Technology has changed agricultural techniques of farming. It further altered the way of parenting. Parents now are more indulge in proving all the amenities of life on upgrading their child’s social status rather than teaching him the morals and ethics themselves.

Culture and technology are two forces that depend on each other. With the advancement in technology, our culture is changing both in a good and bad way. We need to understand the grey, minimize the bad and maximize the good areas. Ultimately advance in technology evolves culture which create new technology.

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