How Well Does Your Fire Protection System Actually Protect Your Business

Published By Eric Gadin, 11 Oct 2017

How Well Does Your Fire Protection System Actually Protect Your Business

The risk of a fire isn’t something your business can afford to gamble on. The potential ramifications, including serious injuries to your employees and loss of expensive equipment, are far more substantial than the time commitment and cost of installing a modern fire protection system.

Likely, your business realized the risks of not installing fire protection long ago, and most managers at commercial and industrial companies feel their current fire protection system is sufficient. If your system isn’t a Siemens Fire Protection Systems, however, you could be missing some key features that make a big difference in the level of safety.

Access to High Quality Service
No matter what Siemens system you have installed, it comes with a commitment to great service. This doesn’t just mean how the components are installed at your property, although that is a piece of the puzzle. Customers also receive access to the Siemens 24/7 hotline. In the event of a problem with the system, this gives you another number to call, in addition to the retailer who may have sold you the device. In the event of an emergency, you know a Siemens representative is always available to assist. While things are cool, calm, and there isn’t a fire, this might seem like an unnecessary feature, but if an accident or incident does lead to fire, this hotline could make all the difference.

Easy Investment in Maintenance
Not only are software updates regularly provided to Siemens fire protection systems, but Siemens offers its customers some of the best maintenance options available in the industry. That 24/7 hotline discussed above will connect you to one of over 400 Siemens service centers across the United States. With that many locations, even your industrial facility isn’t far from an engineer or other knowledgeable Siemens employees.

These service centers can also provide routine maintenance to your system and other Siemens products. When it comes to fire safety, peace of mind matters.

Assurance of the Latest Technology
Installation of a Siemens product comes with a great guarantee, but there is more. These systems are certain to have the most recent technology. This gives your company access to the most efficient response times and intelligent detection of a potential fire within your building. Technology is developing rapidly, and even Siemens older systems can be outdated compared to their new products. For this reason, Siemens designs its system to integrate, no matter what versions. Therefore, customers can replace pieces of their system over time without losing capability. This is a huge advantage to your bottom line and standard for safety.

The Best Smoke Detectors Out There
While control panels and other components are important for comprehensive fire safety, the smoke detector is your first line of defense. Without these pieces in working order, you won’t know there is a fire to extinguish. Having the best smoke detectors can save your business thousands of dollars, and even save lives.

The latest smoke detectors from Siemens fire protection systems can detect smoke earlier than ever before. Rapid detection is the first step in a rapid response. Additionally, newer detectors are less likely to react to a false alarm.

Where to Get Your Siemens System?
Purchase your fire protection system from a retailer that understands your industrial setting, and can recommend a system that fits your specific needs. Where to find this awesome retailer? Right here at!

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