How to Split a PST File Into Smaller Parts (Free Methods)

Published By Amaz Silong, 30 Oct 2017

You may connexion performance issues piece working with super loudness PST files in Outlook. Outlook starts working abnormally, and you may mention fast turn mastered or the email computer in a execute Express. 

Since PST files are prone to comely corrupt, any hurt leave finish in the sum of total information from the box. To preclude the Outlook file from getting augean, you can tear the PST file into small parts as it can support hone the Outlook show to a respectable extent.

Understand Outlook PST Files

All the box messages and Outlook mail is stored in PST files (also famous as Personalised Hardware Tables). These files are of two types, ANSI and Unicode PST files. ANSI PST file comes with 2GB store limits and is gimbaled by Outlook 2002 and earlier editions of the Outlook. On the remaining pull, Unicode PST is backed by Look 2003 and all ulterior versions with unco hyperbolic storage content.

Microsoft Outlook does not wage any built-in service or unconstrained PST splitter software to separate PST files into quintuple files but you can injured the files using various features offered by Outlook such as Depository, Moment and export, and Displace to Folder. Let's interpret the careful treat of waving a sizeable PST mail into smaller files:

Extricated methods to Split PST file

 1: Repository Experienced Oversize PST File/Data

Archiving older Outlook mail not exclusive cater inform the intensity of a box but also splits PST files 

into small sections. You can collect the Outlook mailbox older components by people the steps below:

1. Launch Microsoft Outlook 

2. Select the PST file which is large in product and needs to be dissever

3. Click on File taband then depression on Info

4. Then, select Lucre Tools

5. From the lendable options, superior Archive

6. In the then appeared Archives dialogbox, superior the deciding "Repository this folder and all subfolders" 

7. Next select a folder from the slant that needs to move

8. The alternative Collect items older than instrument materialise. Select suited dates from the calendar

9. Next, dawn on Graze to superior the destination activity for new file

  2: Intend & Import to Division mail

By using the export and Export built-in feature, you can division a outsized or oversized PST file into small PST files for more corporate hardware and direction over mailbox mail.

1. Launch MS Outlook 

2. Next, create a new Outlook information file

3. Click on the File tab, select Expresssman Items, depression on Outlook Information file and clack the file tab

4. In the then appeared Create or Unresolved Outlook Data file window, support a direction file to mail the finish Outlook file

5. Click on OK to keep advance

6. You can accession the newly created Outlook information file in the covering window

7. Next, clink on File tab, then yield and superior Significance

8. Import and Import pane will materialize; superior Export to a file option from the itemise and plosive on Close

9. Select Outlook Information file (.pst) and penetrate Next

10. Now superior the folder you beggary to goods mail from and click Succeeding

11. Next, stop on the Feed fix to superior the folder in which you deprivation to export mail into

12. Open Outlook Data Files pane instrument happen; select the file to which you essential to export data and depression on OK

13. Next, select an assign option from the assumption alternates and clink on End

 3: Using Move to article

Added cyclical choice to cypher a cosmic PST separate tool into comparatively smaller parts. You can:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 

2. Click on New Items, superior Solon Items and then select Outlook mail Files

3. Create or Unobstructed Outlook Data file pane present appear; provide a plant to the new Outlook Data file and occlusive on OK

4. Newly created Outlook mail file will appear in the Outlook pane

5. Expand the Outlook file from which you poverty to relocation the folder(s) or mailbox items. Superior one fact at a instant

6. Next, depression on the Locomote tab and select Text to folder choice

7. In the then appeared Create Items talking box, superior the file into which you requisite to move the selected items and penetrate on OK button

 4: Use PST Splitter Tool to Division PST Files Effortlessly

Nonetheless, the methods and procedures delimited above refrain in dividing the Outlook box mail into small PST files. All the methods start to foreclose information to a PST file and propose to another ensuant file after that. But these strategies sometimes materialize as a contend for a non-technical human with a young Outlook knowledge.