How to Save Money While Looking for Police Lights for Sale

Published By Justin Tomney, 7 Sep 2017

How to Save Money While Looking for Police Lights for Sale

Equipping police vehicles with new emergency vehicle lighting systems can be a challenging and expensive task. With the tax dollars of your district, city, and state in mind at all times, it is important to try to find the best prices on Police Lights For Sale, regardless of where you buy. It should come as a great relief to know that there are a few solid techniques for buying that can ensure you get high quality products for the best price.

1. Research Light Types Extensively Before Shopping
It’s very easy to fall into habit when dealing with the mass purchasing required to equip a police department with vehicle mounted lights, buying the same models that have been bought for years simply due to familiarity. In truth, a great amount of money can be saved for your department by researching more efficient, modern models of lights. Not only are some of these models lower cost upfront, but many newer models of light bars and mounted lights use high-efficiency, long-lifespan bulbs which can save a fortune on maintenance costs. Considering that police lights can cost hundreds of dollars per model, updating to newer light types can have a substantial effect on savings.

2. Buy Online
The world is moving past the era of brick-and-mortar. Due to online merchants offering police lights for sale online, emergency services departments everywhere are capable of saving money while simplifying their buying process. Online buying allows for easy browsing of models, quick access to information, and, often, very low-cost shipping. Not only will moving to an online vendor save money by allowing you to choose more cost effective models, it will reduce the amount of labor being poured into research and ordering. Ordering does not have to be a lengthy process of phone calls, catalogues, driving to supply stores, and dealing with sales pitches. Shopping online allows your purchasers to contact customer service agents and salespeople when they are ready, meaning precious time can be put towards more pertinent tasks.

3. Consider a Contract Option
Many light retailers online offer long-term contracts or special deals for government and department orders. These types of relationships can have stunning payoffs for those who take the time to set them up. Online retailers often enthusiastically seek out arrangements with specific departments and may be willing to be flexible or offer discounts on shipping, bulk purchases, or maintenance. Additionally, having a contract or established relationship with a retailer will lead to a better mutual communication and understanding.

4. Buy High Quality Lights
With so many models of police lights for sale online, it can be tempting to buy the lowest cost model regardless of its manufacturer or specifications. Try to avoid purchasing only by looking at the initial cost. A light that wears out in half the time can effectively be considered to be double its original cost, sometimes more if labor and re-installation is required! Many retailers offer specially designed models of lights which are built with rough, constant use in mind. Given the nature of police work, such lights can end up being a much better option than lower-cost base models.

Exploring and implementing these techniques is a surefire way to save your police department money, and has the added bonus of making life easier for your purchasers. Making the time investment to utilize new technology and consider newer models can be just the change your department has needed.

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