How to reschedule KLM flight

Published By Julia Roberts, 15 Sep 2017

KLM provides flight service to various destinations in world. Founded in 1919 in Netherlands, KLM airlines is one of the oldest airlines with world class hospitality. KLM in 2004 merged with Air France and till now both offers world class travelling experience to their passengers.

Cancellations and delays of your flight are due to unusual circumstances that the airline does not control. In such situation, you have option to reschedule your flight and get booked on the next flight. Passengers can change their flight through online mode or they can reschedule klm flight at any time by logging in to their KLM account. If the flight is canceled, the airline is obliged to assist you. The airline must offer you the following:

Give you money back within 7 days and possibly provide return flight to the first departure point.

Reschedule your trip at the first destination to the final destination.

Change your trip to final destination later on, if you wish and if there are available seats.

How to reschedule klm flight?

You can reschedule your KLM flight tickets 24 hour prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. To reschedule follow the below steps

Open KLM official website.

Login to your KLM account.

Click on “My Bookings” and open the flight ticket you want to reschedule.

Click on Reschedule.

You can call the klm reservations phone number to talk with travel agent for rescheduling your flight.