How To Purchase Pint Glass Koozies

Published By David Smith, 18 Oct 2017

Pint Glass Koozies are lovely costumes worn by glasses. They are highly popular products on account of their myriad uses and desirable characteristics. Economical and attractive, they can be printed in any way with the event or company information. People order them for programs and businesses order them for running their promotional events. For those with little or no idea on how to order for pint glass koozies, here are a few expert buying tips.

Choose the material

The first step to get the best pint glass koozies is to choose the right material to make them. Pint glass koozies come in a variety of materials. The most common characteristic of the koozie material is flexibility and softness. The koozies are intended to add more grips to the pint glasses. In addition, they add color and life to the otherwise bare looking glasses. Over and above, koozies help preserve the temperature of the liquids contained in the glasses. While neoprene is the most popular material that is also cheaper to other options, you can as well explore the other choices with the suppliers.

Ask for the popular size

Koozies can be crafted in any size you want. However, for pint glass koozies, there are a few popular sizes. Go for the most common size since the people receiving them should be able to use them on the common glasses they have. In fact a particular size can go with a few different sizes of glasses since the koozies are flexible and can be slipped on to the glasses conveniently. So, work on this aspect with a little forethought.

Choose the color

The color of the koozies is a vital topic in customizing pint glass koozies since the attractiveness of the koozie ultimately depends on the color of the koozie. In choosing the color of the koozie, several aspects need to be considered. If you have a theme for the event for which you wish to get the koozies, then plan the color depending on the theme. If you wish to print the koozie with your company information and logo, the color choice must take into account the color of the material you want to print on the koozies since the koozies will have to provide a fitting background to the printed matter.

Get it customized

Depending on why you order the koozies, you can customize them in several ways. You can print the koozies with the event information. This can help preserve the memories of the event for long after the event. If you wish to distribute the koozies as a promotional product, you can arrange to print them with the company and product information. While customizing the koozies, take into account the target group. If you are dealing with products for women, go for soft colors and in case of targeting men, go for fast colors. In this way, working on several aspects of the koozie will let you get a unique koozie that stands out from the rest in the market.

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