How To Print Your Solo Cup Koozies Attractively

Published By David Smith, 23 Nov 2017

How To Print Your Solo Cup Koozies Attractively

It is very rare to find a plain Solo Cup Koozie. This is because most solo cup koozies are given away by businesses to their customers and prospective customers as promotional products. When they are available for free of cost from businesses, no one would like to buy them for a price. When businesses give them away as gifts, they do not do a charity work. They are interested in promoting their products among a larger audience and hence print these koozies attractively with their business information. If you have decided to promote your products and brand through solo cup koozies, you have made a smart decision to get the best value for your investment. Here are a few tips to print your solo cup koozies attractively.

Choose the best color for your koozie material
The color of your solo cup koozie must follow a thoughtful consideration. In the first place, think of the fact who your majority customers are. If you deal with women products, you must plan to make your koozies in bright colors. If your products line mainly target men, then it is advisable to go for warm colors.

You must also consider the color of your company logo and the color of the material you will be printing on the koozies. Since the printed information must appear attractively on the koozies, plan the colors of jkoozies and also printing well in advance. Follow your heart and never give heed to the advices thrown by a lot of people. Once you finalize the colors of the koozies and the printed matter, it is prudent to discuss your plans with your promotional products supplier to do a meticulous job without any confusion.

Decide the message to print
What appeals to the customers change from time to time. The customers of today no more expect what the customers of yesterday expected. Hence you must follow the trend and study how to attract your customers in the best possible way and also retain them. Do not over crowd the surface of the koozies with a lot of information. The more the information found on the koozies, the less likely for the message to appeal to the audience.

Important aspects regarding koozie printing
Once you have chosen the color of your koozie and finalized the printed matter, it is time for you to order for the printing. Here are the guidelines for printing.

Printing on the koozies is very easy due to the nature of the material they are made in. When you print the koozies, ensure that the font is clearly visible from far. Koozies are spotted from far when they are placed on the tables. Hence, when people look at them from far, they must instantly discover what the printed information is talking to them.

When you give the koozies to your customers, they are most likely to carry them over long distances in course of owning those koozies. Therefore they will run an involuntary mobile advertising campaign for your business.

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