How to pay your Employees with QuickBooks Online| by- QuickBooks Support

Published By Lisa Rose, 13 Dec 2017

How to pay your Employees with QuickBooks Online| by- QuickBooks Support

Time to pay your employees! Want to submit regularly scheduled payroll through QuickBooks Online Payroll Full service. Have a look at this blog; here are the simple steps that can help you to run your payroll of your group of employees for the first time and if you have any Queries related to QuickBooks contact to QuickBooks Support.


Start your payroll and Select the employees you want to pay

1.      In the navigation bar (left side), Select Employees.

2. Select Run payroll.

3. Select a pay schedule and Continue.

4. On the Enter employee pay details page, select the appropriate Payment period and the Payment date (the date that will print on the check).

5. Employees are automatically selected in the list. If an employee is missing, you can add that employee also.

How to Track payroll expenses by job, class, or service item?

If you track your payroll expenses with various parameters like (job, location or department, or type of service):

1.       Click hours link to open and then add compensation and tracking details for the pay check.

2.       Select your parameters (job, class, or service) item and the pay item, such as Regular Pay.

3.       Enter hours for each job, class, or service item.

4.       Click Add another pay line for other types of payments details.

5.       Save it.

The hours' details will appear on the Employee Details page.

If you have any difficulty with these steps dial our toll-free QuickBooks Support Number 1800 470 9685


Enter employee hours and other details then Preview and Save it

1.For each hourly employee, enter hours in the appropriate columns, such as Regular Pay Hrs, OT Hrs, or Holiday Pay Hrs., depending on what you've set up for the employee. Hours are already filled in if the employee's hours were entered on a time sheet.)

(Use a colon to separate the minutes from the hours, example 30:25).

(Or enter minutes as decimals, such as 35.75 for 35 hours and 45 minutes).


2. Enter amounts to pay.

 3. Click Preview payroll.

4. Click Submit payroll.

When you click Submit payroll:

*QuickBooks start processing direct deposit pay checks.

*You can print any manual pay checks.

If you find any difficulty or error while payroll, contact QuickBooks Support immediately.