How to Locate and Choose Agencies Offering Quality ECommerce SEO Services

Published By Dan Kogan, 21 Nov 2017

How to Locate and Choose Agencies Offering Quality ECommerce SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is one of the most complicated aspects of any online business. All types of businesses online are affected by the near-constant changes in SEO best practices, and each business will have its own unique nuance to optimizing its performance on search engines. For many businesses, managing SEO internally is simply not a reality, leaving the company with two options: fall by the wayside of online searches, or reach out to SEO consultants to design company SEO strategies. If you’ve wisely chosen to pursue the latter option instead of the former, you might be wondering exactly how you can find an agency that offers eCommerce SEO services. This blog will help you answer that question and lead you to the road to a quality agency partnership.

1. Use a Search Engine
The easiest way to find a company that is skilled with business SEO is so simple as to be often overlooked. A company that knows SEO should be able to make their site easier to find than any other. Likely, sites that are leading in search relevancy in connection with your industry really will be the best option for your company; after all, if they can get their company to the top, what’s stopping them from getting yours up there too?

2. Carefully Browse Their Resume
While searching for SEO agencies might help you find those on the cutting edge, you still need to refine your search for companies that will excel in your industry. Even SEO companies that excel at getting their own name out likely have specializations. Any eCommerce SEO services company worth their salt will be able to immediately provide a list of their previous clients and successes. Take the time to look over these previous clients closely. Check out their sites and learn a little bit about their brands.

If a company has a lot of previous clients whose businesses are comparable to yours in goal, branding, or scale, you’ve probably found an agency that is right for you. Agencies are going to be able to offer the most to companies that mesh with their specialty, and you’ll get the most return on investment by looking to create such synergy from the get-go.

3. Try to Get a Feel for Their Culture Before You Commit
One of the most important actions you can take in regards to any business relationship is to ensure that you and the potential partner have a match of culture and brand. Some agencies simply are not going to fit your needs. For an example of this idea, consider how an agency whose culture is more rigid and traditional might mesh well with big-box clients, but not as well with artsy, independent clients.

A culture match is more powerful than you might think at first. Every project requires consistent and successful communication. Having to translate across wildly different company cultures takes away from the benefits of having an agency in the first place.

Take the time to meet representatives of the agency. If they are in your area, consider a lunch meeting that will allow you to build more rapport than a quick phone call or email chain would. The more you know about each agency you are considering, the greater the chances will be that you’ll end up with an ideal match.

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