How to Install Dell Printer in Simple Ways?

Published By Linda Lane, 14 Dec 2017

How to Install Dell Printer in Simple Ways?

DELL is the leading name in electronics world. It provides multi functionality with its every product. Among the different types of printers available in the market, wireless printers are becoming quite popular these days. Wireless printers allow multiple users to print from anywhere in the house or office without the need of physical cables. Dell Printer being one the market leaders in printing world has launched various wireless printers. The installation of these wireless printers are little different from other printers. You can call at Dell Printer Setup Help Phone Number 1-800-870-7412 or read the following blog to know how to install Dell wireless printer.

Keep away all things like protective materials and orange colour tape from exterior of the printing device.

Open outlet tray of the device lift the scanning unit cover.

Connect power supply to power interface of the device and connect other sideways to power outlet.

Plug on the dell printer just by clicking “ON Button”. You can choose the language just by using operational panel.

Press the same ON button to switch off the printer. Open the cover of the Scanning Unit and put Ink Cartridge Holder into the Holder. Close the Scanning Unit.

Now press ON again to switch on the printer. After switching on, wait for some time for the printer to adjust the cartridge. For any query, call at Dell Printer Technical Support Number for any kind of help.

To set up the Wireless LAN, first press the Setup button and then use the Operational Panel. Once done press OK button.

From the Operational Panel, choose Easy setup and then press OK. After that choose Access point and then press OK.

Using the same Operational Panel, insert WEP-key and then Press OK.

Put the printer installation disk into a computer or laptop, which will display AutoPlay screen, click Run Msetup4.exe on the screen. In case if the AutoPlay screen will not open, go to the CD-ROM folder and click open Msetup4.exe application.

In the pop-up window, choose your location and then click Next. After that choose Easy Install and click Install in the next page.

In the next window, choose Use the printer on Network option and click Next.

Now wait for the installation process as it will take some time. Once the Printer Detection screen appears, choose next.

In the list of displayed printers, select your printer and then click Next.

Now wait for the printer Setup Completion window to appear, and then click Complete. The setup will complete when Printer Application Menu will appear.

In case you don’t have Msetup4 or your printer is not automatically detected, you can apply this method. First, discover the IP address of the printer by either downloading and playing the Dell“ APChkTool” or logging into your internet router and checking its status.

Once you know the IP address, go to Printers / Add Printer / Add Wireless Printer / Stop / add a printer. Now insert the IP address which will be used to query the MAC address. The MAC address is helpful in creating the actual printer port. For any query, call at Dell Printer Help Support Number 1-800-870-7412 for quick help.