How to Install and Configure a Dell Printer Driver on Mac OS X?

Published By Linda Lane, 2 Jan 2018

How to Install and Configure a Dell Printer Driver on Mac OS X?

Dell printers are compatible with multiple types and version of Operating System like Windows and Mac OS etc. But to run printer on all OS a driver required that helps to drive the functioning of printing task through a computer. Mac computer connecting with Dell printer should have compatible driver.

Different OS supported devices have different types of user-interface and configuration system. Hence, if you have Mac computer don’t know how to install and configure a Dell Print Driver on Mac OS X then read below the right process discussed by the experts.

Download the Printer Driver and Install Properly

You can visit Dell’s official site and find the compatible driver for your Mac PC or call Dell printer tech support to get online help by technician who will check your computer and install the printer driver as per the compatibility with your system. After downloading the driver you just need to follow the installation steps instructed there to complete the process.

Using IP Address or Host name Add a Printer on Network

To add Network Pinter you need to open Apple icon and go to system preferences where choose print and fax to click + (plus) icon just below the printers on the left side to open the add printer application on your computer screen. Now select the top toolbar to add printer on your PC. Similarly there are other instructions follow to configure the settings.

How to Add USB Printer?

Similarly, if you want to add a USB printer you have to again follow almost same steps, choosing from Apple icon to system preferences to choose print & fax. Here if you need help, Dell printer support open all-the-time ready to help end-users fronting such issues while installing a new printer on their network or any other connected devices.

Selecting the Printing Multiple Options

After installing Dell printer on your Mac you can take printouts using multiple printing options. There are many options to take prints with different number of copies or change the layouts and borders for different purposes of the Mac users. You can also use default printing settings to get the prints otherwise can choose the preferences as per your requirements. And if you need help for online tech assistance for Dell printer, Dell tech support number is also open to help you remotely with online solution for wide range of technical issues.